I was very hard for me when i heard that Azriel died. He was my PhD supervisor, and we have been working into my thesis up till recently. When i asked him in his last moments of life WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? He told me the following: Astrit, can you write a good paper for me? As i am his last PhD student, I gave a word to him that I will not shame him! From your student. Astrit Rexhepi

This is a great loss. It was a great privilege to know him and learn from him. We'll miss him. I am deeply saddened to hear that Prof. Azriel Rosenfeld passed away.I had the privilege to work with him for over 3 years during my in Center for Automation Research, UMD. Azriel was the most distinguished and pioneering member of the computer vision and image processing community. He will be sorely missed by all of us. Hassan Foroosh (Shekarforoush)

Aziel was definitely a figure of importance for me when I started to work on computer vision. He made so much and so deep contribution to this discipline. It is a part of us which leaves. We will miss him. Marc Berthod

On behalf of the Computer Science Community of India in general and Pattern Recognition, Image Processing and Computer Vision Community of India in particular. I express our deepest sorrow for the demise of Professor Azriel Rosenfeld. Personally I have lost one of my best friends. I vividly remember his visits to Indian Statistical Institute and my visits to Maryland College Park. Almost all my colleagues/students were personally known to him - his affectionate advices on any topic was unparallel. We deeply mourn his sad demise. Indian Unit for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (IUPRAI) will hold a memorial meeting on 8th March 2004 at ECSU seminar room of Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata. Dwijesh Dutta Majumder

Azriel was my teacher both in Computer Science and also in Jewish Wisdom. The strength of his personality, the depth of his knowledge and the breadth of his humanity have left indelible marks on me and on two generations of students and colleagues. It may not be well known that he was also a devotee of Science Fiction and for many years read virtually every SF paperback published. These he donated to the University of Maryland Library as a special collection. In this way and in many others, his encyclopedic grasp of diverse domains served communities of scholars, lay people and friends. While his passing leaves a painful gap, its presence will serve as testimony to his contributions for generations to come. David Milgram

I am deeply saddened to hear that Prof. Azriel Rosenfeld passed away. This is a great loss for the pattern recognition,computer vision and image processing communty. I always remember the great help and upport from him. He will be sorely missed by all of us. Yuan Yan Tang, IEEE Fellow, Hong Kong Baptist University

Professor Rosenfeld was one of the most generous, distinguished, and enlightened of scientists, and it was an honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to learn from him. His passing leaves a void that cannot be filled. My heartfelt condolences go to his family, at this time of grief. S. Bhaskar

I received the news about Azriel Rosenfled's passing away with a tremendous sadness. I have known him for over thirty years, almost from the beginning of my life in America. He was my special colleague and friend, and a great collaborator on the first major grant ever awarded in the area of Learning in Vision. I have admired his tremendous dedication to science, his enormous energy, almost infinite contributions to computer vision, as well as his truly special human qualities--honesty and fairness in dealing with others. His passing away is a great loss to science, and to all us who had the privilege to know him. I will always cherish the memories of my interactions with him, and will miss him deeply. Ryszard S. Michalski, George Mason University and Polish Academy of Sciences

It is a great great loss for our computer vision and pattern recognition community. He is a super-star. His textbook on Digital Picture Processing is the best. I was luckily to have opportunities to visit him at UMD and earned his visit at NJIT. He has been quite helpful to my research in the past fifteen years. Prof. Frank Shih, Computer Vision Laboratory, New Jersey Institute of Technology

I feel a deep sense of loss. I am very grateful to Azriel for many things. As his student, in addition to computer vision, I learned to be a better human being. He sincerely cared for his students and colleagues. He was an inspiration and a role model. His contributions are incomparable and unmatched. He will live in our memory forever. Murali Subbarao I worked with Azriel over a 2 year period when we put together the part of the Computer Science and Engineering Research Study called What Can Be Automated which reviewed the state of AI. Of all the contributors, Azriel was the most conscientious and dedicated. He took machine vision very seriously and dedicated his life -- not just his working life but his whole life -- to furthering it. It is a great sadness to hear of his passing. Zenon Pylyshyn, Rutgers University

Dear Azriel: When I was a young Assistant Professor you gave me the opportunity to join the Editorial Board of the [then] CVGIP journal. I only thought such honors belonged to the tenured ranks. Later you offered me the co-Editorship of the CVGIP split-off GMIP journal. You were always there for the younger researchers in the field. Your support was instrumental in fostering excellent scholarship, producing exhaustive bibliographic listings, and promoting excitement at the boundaries of computer vision and computer graphics. Our last interactions were with a Penn PhD student that you mentored so well. You shall be missed. Norm Badler, University of Pennsylvania

Seeing the names of friends and colleagues leaving their condolences to Azriel reminds me of how his life was one of service as well as knowledge. He was a man who brought people together and who challenged us to be our best. I miss him.
Mark Doherty

Dear Professor Rosenfeld, It was heartbroken to hear the sad news. I still remembered the emails and Xmas cards we exchanged while I was in Canada when I was a just a fresh graduate seeking advice about research on computer vision. Although I never had a chance to meet you in person, I felt your kindness and care about the young researchers. You will always be missed and remembered by us all. Zhi-Qiang (Chiang) LIU, University of Hong Kong

Dear Azriel : I still remember those old good days with "robust vision" project. When I met you last year, I believe you are always there with Cfar . He will be missed by all of us. Dong Yoon Kim, Ajou University

It is with a deep emotion that heard about the death of Azriel Rosenfeld. Twenty years ago, when I was a beginner in image processing, I received much encouragement from him for my research in Digital Geometry. Later, when I turned to Mathematical Morphology, he supported the publication of my work with Henk Heijmans. Last year, I had the honour of reviewing for Morgan Kaufmann Publishers the draft of a big book by Azriel Rosenfeld and Reinhard Klette on Digital Geometry... maybe his last major contribution to science. He will be remembered. Christian Ronse

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