Darkedge Gangs

The gangs of Darkedge are a rough crowd. While they're not as big or as nasty as some of the larger and more famous gangs in the Underhive, those other gangs are far away. These roughnecks are here, real and immediate.

Some people in Darkedge like the gangs. Some hate them with a passion. But everyone recognizes that the gangs are here to stay. There is no neutral ground, only the choice of with or against. For some, the choice is easy. Support one gang, and hope to hell they prove stronger than the other nasties out there. For others... Well, let's just say that it's easier for them to go with the flow than against it.

Myself, I hate gangs. But I can't see living if I've got to keep wondering who's going to destroy my home tomorrow. I may hate gangs, but there a fact of life down here. And if there's got to be a gang in Darkedge, then I'll be damned to the Warp before it's anybody else's.

-- Brigid, Leader of the Furies

The Gangs
Name House Leader Size Rating
The Furies Escher Brigid 15 2006
Sisters of Mercy Escher Astria 10 1093