Last modified on March 18, 1997

Starfire Computer Aids

Starfire Assistant v2.1
This is the latest version of Steve Walmsley's Starfire Assistant. Version 2.2
The Starfire Assistant is a Windows 95 program developed by Steve Walmsley in order to simplify the Space Master's job in running a Starfire Campaign.
Starfire Assistant Patch v2.30
This patch updates Steve Walmsley's Starfire Assistant to the newest version, adding a few new features and fixing old bugs.
My personal System Generator.
This is a program I developed to generate large numbers of star systems. It is written in C, though it's my first real attempt at coding in C, so it's not the most efficient code. It does do a good job, though, so feel free to take a look and suggest any changes.

Most of these programs and several other items of interest, including archives of the email discussion group, are available from Matthew Seidl's ftp site .

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