Last modified May 23, 1997

EM Pulser (Ep)

Tech Level 3 (4-5?)
HS: 4?
Cost: ??

The Electromagnetic Pulser is a later development designed to make the Energy Torpedo more useful. Given that the energy torpedoes worst drawback is it's ineffectiveness vs shields, a way needed to be developed to bring down shields quickly. The EM pulser fires an extremely highly charged, short-ranged beam of particles at the target. This beam does 1 point of damage at all ranges, but has a special effect vs shields. The charged beam sets up a feedback effect in the shield, which causes the shield to collapse in the same way that a chain of holds collapses under damage. *This can be modified, perhaps to 1d10/2 spaces collapsing instead of 1d10.* By combining the EM pulser and the Energy Torpedo, an effective short range weapon combination was developed. The O system, which provides defense against E-beams, will also prevent damage to the ship from the Ep. The Ep cannot damage the ship if it mounts O, but it can still hit the shields, as they are outside the O system's range of effect.

0 1 2 3 4 5
Ep 1 1 1 1 1 1