Last modified April 11, 1997

Large Fusion Reactors

A while back Marvin said that much of a weapon systems space was power generating equipment. This lead me to ask myself what would happen if all (or most) of this equipment was centralized into a large reactor system. The following idea isn't what I would call polished, and is certainly is much more dangerous than the current small generator system, but it does allow you to get (a few) more weapons aboard a ship

Large Fusion Reactors
Code: Fur

Fusion Reactors may be placed on any hull up to the limits of the power demand of that hull. Because of the presence of these reactors power demands of weapon systems is greatly reduced, thus allowing them to be built with less space allocated to bulky auxiliary power generators. Reactors must be paced in chains of at least 3 systems in a reactor room as follows:


The only exception to this rule is that if a ship mounts fewer than 3 reactors they must all be placed in the same "room." These reactor rooms represent one large fusion generator and will only function if ALL of the Fur systems within the room are intact. If a reactor room takes any damage there is also a chance of the containment vessel of the reactor being breached before the reactor can be safely shut down. In the event of damage roll 1d10 for each Fur destroyed. If the die roll equals the number of reactors destroyed in that room then the reactor room explodes doing double the original number of reactors in the room damage points to the ship. These damage points should be distributed as evenly as possible in both directions on the ship control form. If the room was totally destroyed the chance of explosion doubles. (So a room with 5 "Fur" in it would definitely explode if completely destroyed and would do another 10 damage points to the ship carrying it.)

Weapons and other systems may have one or 2 spaces of power generators removed form them and powered by the Centralized reactors under the following conditions:

  1. No weapon or other system may be reduced to fewer than 2 spaces.
  2. Point Defense can never be reduced by this method.
  3. Engine systems cannot be reduced in size by this method.
  4. Note that this is a PER SYSTEM reduction, not per a group of systems.
  5. Systems reduced have a lower case "f" added to the end of their code for each space removed. So a 2-space force beam would be Fff and a 2 space advanced gun missile launcher Waf.
  6. A ship must have 2 "Fur" per 3 spaces removed from all weapon systems. Essentially each generator creates 1.5 "Spaces" of power for other systems. A ship or base must be able to power ALL of it's systems.
  7. Fusion Reactors do not reduce the cost of any weapon system they power, they are an ADDED cost.

If a ship mounts more than one reactor and takes damage to a reactor (shutting it down or destroying it) The total weapons load of the ship must be reduced to fit the amount of power remaining. Weapons shut down may only be activated during the end phase of a turn. A weapon without power does not count as a weapon for purposes of surrender rolls.

I realize that actually using this system is probably suicidal once Primary and needle beams come into play, but what the hell, it's an intersting idea. Note that the reactor doesn't actually explode, just looses plasma containment. The damage from that fireball is bad enough!