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Conquest, Looting and Genocide for Fun and Profit!

While exploring your race's birthright, the game universe, you find lots of systems with little value and a few real gems with habitable planets. Now the only problem is that some of these worlds are occupied! We won't go into detail but all the low tech races will cost more to raise to HT and amalgamate than they will ever return to a player.

The following rules must be used to gain full effect of the strategy:

First the new PU/PTU economic system and the CNF Must be used. Assumptions on the forces of NPC will be based on the New NPC government types.

Specific rules to make the method work:
page 81 17.05.01 Pillaging the planets industry.
page 79-80 Active reprisals
page 73-74 Actively at war
page 43 27.01.01 Revised PCF capabilities
page 43 Campaign Revision T Security Forces
page 16 21.03.02r planetary bombardment-genocidal bombardment
Page 6 27.02.14 Bombs

T and ST worlds are the most valuable items in the game. As you can see below almost 2/3 of them will be occupied.

From 14.01 ISF life on T/ST
POP TL Percentage
None 40%*
PI 25%
I1 13%
I2 7%
HT 15%*

* HT races with more than 1 habitable world in their home system tend to use all of them, thus reducing the % of none and increasing the % of HT.

For every 4 races you encounter 3 should be low tech and 1 should be HT. It is the low tech races we are mainly concerned with at the moment.

Contacting NPCs:

Contact table:
die roll result
less than 24 All communications impossible (Very Bad result!!!)
24 - 33 Negotiations Rejected (Bad result!!)

The above chart is modified for a HT1 player with no previous sucessful contacts meeting a low TL NPC with a RC of 50, and no negative situational modifiers. On the first roll to establish communications, roughly 1/3 of all low tech NPCs have decided to eventually declare war on you! After 5 rolls on the chart, almost 50% of the NPCs will have moved into this group, while some of the initial NPCs have declared war due to irritation!

Not good odds of a peaceful contact. So what do you do?

Lets call this method of exspansion the European New World Strategy. It is a Race centric policy of exspansion.

If using the suggested player setup, the battlefleet should contain enough armed FT troopships to land at least 150 PCF1. The Misc fund should be used to increase the starting 100 PCF1 to at least 300 PCF1 (800 mc) These will all be average grade.

Each and every turn you should buy the maximun number of PCFs or SEC troops. (the first few turns should be SEC until you have at 150).

Now, just who are we going to be fighting:
PI 150 PU ave 150 PCF-pi ave grade
I1 275 PU ave 275 PCF-I1 ave grade + 68 IU
I2 860 PU ave 860 PCF-I2 ave grade + 137 IU + SS(3600 mc)

PI are 43% of life found and are the easiest to conquer. 150 PCF1 should be enough to take and garrison the planet in 1 turn. First contact should be the PCFs landing and assaulting the native PCFs. Expected lossed 25 PCF1.

I1 are 25% of life found and are a little tougher by still easily taken. The method used should be to wait a turn and use the CNF to transport a second wave of PCF1 to the system and transfer them to the empty troopships and then to the ground. Expected losses 46 PCF1.

I2 are 11% of life found and a difficult nut to crack if you can't get throught thier SS in 1 fight. You will have to use the CNF ferry method for I2 races. Expected losses 287 PCF1 !!

For PI and I1 races ground assault is all that is needed. Once you have taken the planet, you get to LOOT it (17.05.01) this will earn you 5 mc per PU taken * EL. IE 225 mc for a PI world and 825 mc for an I1. In addition if you have given the I1 race no warning you will have captured 68 IU which can no be sold for 2040 mc!!! Invest this money in IU in the system with the most asteroid belts and an active insystem cnf in your empire. Then you survey the planet to see if it is harsh or Benign.

Now you have your first choice to make. Do you hold the planet and try to make contact,(communication not possible no longer applies) or do you free up this valuable realestate. If you chose to hold the planet you will need to ship in SEC troops as these are very good at preventing revolts but lousy at stopping a general inserection. Once the population revolts put it down and go to FULL active reprisals. Even a low level guerilla warfare should earn this.

My recomented amount of PCF1 on the planet is at least 1/2 the PU of the planet in addition to 1/3 the PU in SEC or just the PU in PCF.

Now with active reprisals 1 PCF will eliminate 1 PU per turn. Thus the recomended invasion troops can eliminate all but a small segment of the native population in 1 turn. The remnent of 25 or less could be saved for contact purposes (their RC will be +180 or so, it might take a while).

Second this will provoke a general insurection if any population is left (+2 RM per 1% PU killed), but the amount of PCF-pi or I1 will be minor as they will be poor grade. Put the GI down and finish off the natives.

You now have an empty planet with intact PU facilties. Using rule 21.03.02r planetary bombardment-genocidal bombardment you can ship in a new imperial population at a reduced cost.

Environment Cost to emplace 2 Systems shipping cost Shipping requirements
benign 0 mc 10 mc per PTU 10Q
harsh 4 mc 10.5 per PTU 10Q 1H
hostile 12.5 mc 10.5 Per PTU 10Q 1H

Now to enplace 150 PTU on this ex-PI world will cost 1500 to 2175 mc. The loot from conquest will pay 225 mc towards this cost. So for a cost of 1275 to 1950 mc you will get a 150 PU Imperial settlement worth about 165 mc a turn, with a normal cost of 4500 to 6000 mc. A great deal.

Now to enplace 150 PTU on an ex-I1 world will cost the same, but the loot will be 2865 mc. You can afford to enplace 202 PTU or 286 PU on a benign or 169 PU on a harsh. a small population. an even better deal, using just the loot!!

Now both of these cases wre at a range of 2 Systems. If the actual range is only 1 system you can halve the shipping cost for even more savings, which can be used to ship normal colonists in after the native PU structure are all used up.

Now an I2 race is a different proposition, unless you have had time to build up at least an extra 500 or so PCF1s you will be forced to use orbital support to win the ground fight with enough PCF1s to have a minimum garrison.

Colateral damage from orbital support will destroy PU and IU evenly as long as IU lasts. Since each starship missile will kill 2 PCF-I2, I would recommend using 400 gm or sm to eliminate 800 of the enemy PCFs. This will cause the loss of 40 PU and IU, (20 PU and 20 IU) for a loss of 700 mc in loot. but saves 1080 in PCF1 losses.

Now land your PCF1s and conquer the planet and loot it! Loot Value 3780 mc from PU and 3480 mc from IU. total 7260 mc!!

Now there is no real choice in holding this planet. Unless the RM is low < 20 you can't hold this world in a general insurection. Unless you have at least 800 PCF1s on the ground by the end of the next turn, even then you may lose to many troops to keep the world.

On the next turn lift off all the troops, and subject the world to a Genocidal bombardment. This will use 840 missiles but will leave 420 PU structures available for new colonists at the rate used above. With the amount of loot taken you can afford to ship in 400 PU worth of PTU for a medium population.

Now, what effect does this have on races you may want to talk to? Of 100 NPCs 75 of them are low tech and therefor are prey not worth talking to. Of the remaining 25:
4 are 2 TL below the player(min 1)
4 are 1 TL below the player(min 1)
5 are the TL of the player
4 are the TL of the highest TL player
4 are +1 TL of the highest TL player
4 are +2 TL of the highest TL player

Of these 25 races 5-10 of them will attack within 10 turns no matter what you do. 5 of the 25 will have RM > 80 so you genocide won't matter. The rest will receive a +20-45% if you have contact at the time of the genocide. Several natural rolls on the offer chart can bypass this modifier.

There you have it, a potentually successful method of galactic conquest. You initially must expand slowly. You really don't want contact with more than 1 race at a time. Your fleet should be used to destroy the enemy fleet and fixed defences and to support invasion of I2 and lower HT races. After you have 5 or 6 medium populations on new worlds you should beef up the fleet to allow for a faster exploration rate but try to avoid having to conduct ground operations on more than 1 world at a time. In order to colonize these new worlds you will have to breakdown a PU on the home world every couple of turns. A player with an income of 4000 mc has a CNF capacity of 800 H and 400 Q which at a distance of 2 systems allows for the moving of 40 PTU a turn(80 at 1 system distant) using the troopships could boost this by 5 or 10 more a turn. At a range of 1 system a small with 815 PTU could be enplaced on an ex-I2 world in 10 turns, growth would push this to medium. Smalls on ex-pi or I1 can be created in 3 to 6 turns depending upon the distance. The income gained will far excede the trade and allies that the nicer players will get. All your new worlds will produce imperial income and will gain TL when you do. It provides for a new source of PCFs and colonization sources. And most of all there are no multisystem Terran/Khanate empires out there to counter your Rigelians. The other players will be your main competition as any single system NPC won't be able to match your production.

One last note, as vicious as you can be, beware the Hive Mind, The Machine Race and The J'Rill, they are just as vicious and receive bonuses!

Dan Preston
Think of it as evolution in action!

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