Last modified April 11, 1997

Gun Tech

Hit Charts for weapons detailed below:

0123456789101112 1314151617181920
SM299887655543 21
GM299988888765 4321
GM399988888766 5554443331
CAM299988888765 43

Tech Level 4 Tech Level 9
Sprint Missile 2 Sprint Missile 3
Code GM2 Code GM3
Cost .05 mc Cost .3 mc
Cargo Points 1 Cargo Points 2.5
Dev Cost 2,000 mc Dev Cost 4,000 mc

An improvement in the IND-2 sprint missile containing a more effient engine. The GM2 contains the same warhead as the GM and still does 1 pt of damage. It also still cannot be stopped by point defence.

The GM2 may be fired from an XO rack with the range and accuracy of a standard GM.

If the GM2 is fired from a G , a SM-POD1 (Mark Wynne 4-10-96), or a Gunboat XO rack, it uses the GM2 line on the chart.

The GM3 is a capital version of the GM2. The warhead is still the same 1 pointer, All the size is for newer engines and fuel to give it a range of 20 hexes. The GM3 can be fired from XO racks requiring 2 just like a CM. If fired from XO racks use the GM2 hit line. GM3 is a sprint missile and thus cannot be stopped by point defense. If fired from a Gc, or Pod use the GM3 to hit line.

Tech Level 5 Tech Level 9
Advanced Gun Launcher Capital Gun Launcher
Code Ga Code Gc
Cost 20 mc Cost 40 mc
Hull Spaces 3 Hull Spaces 5
Dev Cost 2,000 mc Dev Cost 8,000 mc

A refinement of the IND-2 electromagnetic catapult incorperating an advanced reload, aiming and fire system. The Ga may fire twice a turn at the same or separate targets. (Same as Wa or Ka.)

The Gc is a capital version of the G designed to fire a GM3 but capable of firing a CAM2 when developed.

Both the Ga and Gc may only fire sprint missiles:GM# and CAM2. Ga may fire GM2 at fighters as a G on the FKT. Gc may fire GM3 and CAM2 at fighters as a SM2 on the FKT. GM2, GM3 and CAMs fired from XO racks at fighters use the G line at -1.

Dan Preston
Think of it as evolution in action.