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Starfire is a galactic conquest-style game, in which players take on the role of leaders of their own civilization, and set out to become the premier civilization of the galaxy. It is very similar to computer games such as Master of Orion or Pax Imperia, for those familiar with such, but unlike them is played entirely through the medium of pencil and paper. I have found it to be one of my favorite games, by virtue of it's complexity and depth.

Starfire includes just about all aspects of civilization management. Technology research, income management, economic and military expenditures, and colonization. In the event of war, rules for both strategic and tactical levels of combat provide a very realistic model of space warfare.

The current developers for Starfire are the SDS, the Starfire Design Studio. Because of their dedication to the game, several new products have recently been released in electronic format. For information, contact Marvin Lamb, the head of the SDS.

Other sites with Starfire material include:

The SDS Web Page
Mark Langsdorf's Starfire Page
Shawn Weiner's Starfire Page
Axly's Starfire Stuff
Gunnar Strand's Web Page
Dallace Unger's ISF Page
TFG's Official Web Site
Matthew Seidl's unofficial FTP site

New Releases

Sky Marshal #2 Released!!!

Sky Marshal #2 is now available in .PDF format. .PDF viewers are available for free download from Current ordering price is $15.00 US.

Also available is the Electronic Communique, a periodic publication by the SDS, distributed by email. Current subscription price for 12 issues is $24.00 US.

For information on all new releases, contact Marvin Lamb.

Upcoming Events

Origins 1997 Official Tournament Rules

Other Information

Starfire Software - Computer programs to make you Starfire game easier.
Starfire Campaign Information - Information for home rules or just for entertainment.
Errata and FAQs - Errata for SF/ISF and SM#1.

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