The FanTek web pages have moved again!

FanTek now has its own domain name and website! Our new web address is

(Follow this link for FanTek's NEW website!)

Many thanks to Bruce for taking over the website, and making it better-organized and much more colorful!

FanTek is a group of friends, like a very extended, extremely weird family who share interests in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Technology, Gaming, Fine Art, and many other things. We hold several large Conventions each year (EveCon, CastleCon, and HalloweenCon and CthulhuCon) as well as many smaller events in the Washington DC area (near Baltimore too!).

You can read the very latest FanTek news and commentary there, including information on our upcoming convention (CastleCon 10 will take place July 25-27 of 1997), and find out about the club's other events and the FanTek BBS... and lots more!

Please update your links and bookmarks/favorites files. (If you followed a link on someone else's web page, please notify the maintainer of that page.) Sorry for the inconvenience!

When you link to our pages, please use URLs starting with "".

Currently these addresses are "redirected" to a different machine, and will show up differently in your web browser. We will probably move to another web server, but will always get you to our website. A URL using "" (that works now) will continue to work.

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