Club Update

So here we are, going through 1995 with blazing speed and no brakes. One wonders where it'll all end? But we do know that next year will begin with an EveCon again. This time it'll be Lucky 13, our favorite number.

Not that we won't be keeping busy the rest of the year. We have arranged for a Place that'll be our Video Hangout over the weekends, and in which we will be holding events and get-togethers of all kinds. We are also doing VideoFest 95, CthulhuCon, and a Beach Party (SandCastleCon 1).

Last year we laid kind of low and did a lot of thinking about life and the universe. It was not until the very end of the year that I actually figured out what was wrong with my life. And it was not until one realizes what's wrong that one can go on to figuring out what is right, and what one really wants.

To me the highest goal has always been to have good friends, and to hopefully try to be a good friend in return. Some people put their trust in money or their faith in governments, but I'd really just as soon have friends around.

FanTek has been a way for me to find friends. The cons have very much become like Family Re-Unions for a very weird and very extended family.

It has also been very much like having my own starship, with a good crew, a fair wind, and a star to sail by.

Anyway, the main subject of this Update (which I apologize for wandering around) is that one of the things I still want in my life is all of you. If I am going to have friends I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have.

If some of my friends happen to wear all black, or spend all day in front of computers, or watch videos to excess, or stay up all night reading books, then so much the better. I still do most of those things myself... really, honest, I do.

Remember, the Future is ours because that is where we already live... and I have been, and always shall be, your friend.

                            -- Bruce