Dear Friends,

Welcome to the first issue of our Castle Newsletter for this year. A lot of things have happened since EveCon 12, so we'll be filling you in on all the exciting fact-oids.

EveCon 12 was small (for us) with only about a thousand people in attendance... but they were all very friendly people and personally I had the very best time I've had at one of our conventions in years. It was fun! I even got someone to do me up in full make-up from "The Crow" (one of my favorite movies) on Saturday night. It was a pleasure to be able to hang out and talk with friends. My thanks to all of you who made it possible by being friendly and polite.... In fact I want to thank everyone who managed to attend... Thanks everyone!

Now then, we will not be holding a CastleCon this year. It takes us at least a year of lead time to set up a con, and the hotel we are using had no free dates in the summer.

So we went to the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey and rented a house for the week of July 2nd - 8th instead. Welcome to the first ever FanTek Beach Party: SandCastleCon!

We have also set up a Video Fest 95 for Sept. 1-4. This will be a more narrowly targeted conference, about all aspects of video making and watching. It will end with a Sunday night CthulhuCon and Old Ones Pool Party, just to keep things weird.

We have also arranged to borrow a ``Hangout''-- a store facility with a nice high ceiling for doing club events and especially for watching Big Screen videos and playing Computer Games on the 150 inch projection video set. Should be a lot of fun, sort of like holding a micro-con every single weekend. More details later in this issue!

The next thing that has happened is that "Gateways", our magazine of sf and fantasy literature, is no more. We learned a lot during the 3 years it was in production and want to thank all of you who contributed so much.

We plan on creating a new magazine devoted to video, audio, and computers... with a special slant towards actually using all these things to create with as well as to simply enjoy.

And for the really good news, we already have a contract with the same hotel to do EveCon the 13th...! It will be January 12-14, 1996, and all of you are invited to join us there!

Hope to see you real soon,

                                Your Friend,