EveCon 12 Review

By Angel

Well, I had a great time... what, you weren't there? Okay then here is my review. EveCon 12 was a little smaller than usual, it's true. I noticed because I was working Registration. There was still plenty of work to do, but I knew a few people weren't going to make it; the late January date meant some people couldn't get out of school or work. And then it snowed, a few people who wanted to come got stranded on the highway and had to turn around. My condolences, because you missed one of the best cons in a long time.

There were plenty of people there anyway. And, funny though it seems, I only missed a few people, and a lot of people I was kind of hoping not to see weren't there. The usual wide range of guest speakers included a prominent Attention Deficit author, Thom Hartmann, who not only explained a lot of things about ADD, but got the people who made it to his morning workshop to remember all the stuff in the Bill of Rights.

We had lots of other neat panels, a computer room that actually had an Internet connection, the big screen movie room and the usual great bunch of dealers. Friday night's Addams Family -- Raul Julia Memorial Dance and Look-Alike Contest went very Addamsly, with Boris the Very Large Spider as guest of honor in his new green fur and paint job.

So lots of things were just as great as any other EveCon, and some things were better; the 24-hour indoor heated pool was a big hit with everyone, although next time I'll bring a beach ball since an unfortunate small staff person (okay, it was me) got used as a volleyball. (It was fun. But I got water up my nose.) The pool and jacuzzi were a great place to relax with friends, and see famous EveCon personalities in their bathing suits. The weirdest thing I saw Saturday evening had to be a tall, dark, thin man in this great Crow makeup, and when I put on my glasses to look more closely, I realized it was Bruce! Bruce in gothic makeup, really very weird.

Everyone who went had a good time. It was a very well-behaved con. Even Bruce and Cheryl said they had a wonderful time instead of working too hard like some years. Despite having all that fun, we got the bus packed to go home in one hour (this is a Record, applause to all who helped!), got home, and slept for a week.

Thank yous to all who helped with EveCon, or just came and had a good time; that's a big help too. And mark your calendars for EveCon 13!