FanTek Club Events

Hello, you may have noticed from reading some of the other articles in here that we are going to be having a very busy couple of months. This is a grand experiment, where we are trying out something really daring, very much outside the cautious experience of everyday life.

Most of our club events will be taking place at the Place we are setting up as our Video Hangout. We figure as long as we have the space we might as well use it! (Other events will be at the House; take note before you start driving!)

Part of the experiment is to see if we can stand being forced to watch movies, play games and music, and do interesting stuff every single weekend without burning out. I think we can!

The other half of the experiment is seeing if we can afford to keep a Place like this going. Somehow the rent has to be paid and the electricity kept on, eh? So we will be asking for a small donation, $5, to help us cover expenses and junk. As per usual if you truly can not afford it, just let us know and I will treat.

If the experiment works and we can afford it we will keep going, and going, and going....

Upcoming Events

Video HangOut Premiere Opening -- Friday May 26th, 7 pm.
From this point on 'til whenever we'll be doing movies each and every weekend. Study the list, come join the fun! $5 donation. At Hangout. (Obviously.)
Big Screen Computer Games -- Sat. May 27th, Noon to 5 pm.
Play your favorite computer games on a 12 FOOT SCREEN!!! At Hangout, $5 donation, includes movies that night.
CyberCostume Workshop -- Sat. June 3rd, Noon to 5 pm.
Cyber-style bits and fabric provided; bring something to build on and create something weird! Prize for the best costume created and worn to that night's movies! At Hangout, $5 donation, includes movies that night.
Music Thursdays -- June 8th, 15th, 22nd at 7 pm.
Jam Session, BYO instrument, acoustic and electric welcome!! Diverse styles! Sound system provided! At Hangout, $5 donation.
Fantasy Yardsale -- Sunday June 11th, 9 am to 4 pm.
Bring your great old stuff to buy, trade, or sell! $10 per space, BYO table, dealers welcome. At Hangout.
Gamers' Day -- Sat. June 24th, Noon to 6 pm.
D&D... Magic: The Gathering... Call of Cthulhu... and more. Gamers, this is your day. At Hangout, $5 donation, includes movies that night.
SandCastleCon -- July 2nd-7th.
We go to the beach! SandCastleCon will be in Ocean City, New Jersey.
Inventors' Get-Together -- Sat. July 15th, Noon to 4 pm.
At the House. $5 donation for dinner and movies afterwards.
Fantasy Yardsale (again) -- Sunday July 16th, 9 am to 4 pm.
$10 per space, BYO table. At Hangout.
Castle-Folding Party -- Sat. July 22nd, Noon.
At the House. Come Fold and Staple the next issue of this newsletter; we promise to have one done this time!
(NEW)Punk Walrus's Field Trip -- Fri. July 28, 6:30 pm
At Springfield Mall, Springfield, VA. We'll be seeing Waterworld, the controversial epic that cost over 200 million dollars to produce. Is it any good? You decide. Join us to praise or heckle....

We'll hang around the food court around 6:30; we'll be going to the first showing on or after 7pm.

(NEW)CastleCon 8 (was VideoFest 95) -- Sept. 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Holiday Inn, Frederick, MD, at FSK.
CthulhuCon 1 -- Sept. 3rd Night.
(Pizza & Pool Party at Hotel!)
EveCon 13 -- January 12, 13, 14 of 1996.
Holiday Inn, Frederick, MD, at FSK. ``The First and Friendliest Convention of the New Year!''
(Directions to FanTek events are available.)

FanTek, 1607 Thomas Rd., Friendly, MD 20744
+1 (301) 292-5231 (voice)
+1 (301) 203-9582 (BBS)