The FanTek Mad Inventors' Club Get-Together

This is for people who have inventions, have ideas for inventions, or just people who like inventions. Come together and make something, or discuss new technology. You can bring magazines, gadgets, gizmos, or anything of fidgeting interest for everyone else! Please also bring some fast food, or money for some fast food, so all of us mad people can eat mad inventions of other mad food design inventors.

"If you nail two pieces of wood in such a way that they have never been nailed together before, some schmuck out there will buy it!"
-- George Carlin --

Note: Bruce has assorted broken electronics that people never got around to fixing or needing. You are free to use these parts to fix them, explore them, break them further, or rebuild them into something else totally different. Talk to Bruce if you have more parts or gadgets to contribute!