FanTek New Jersey Zombie Beach Party!

July 2-7, 1995
1427 Wesley Ave., Second Floor
Ocean City, New Jersey

We interrupt this program for a special announcement...

Cheryl and Bruce are going to the Beach this summer, and YOU are invited to come spend the day... two days... a few days... with them! They've rented the top floor of this neat old Victorian house located only a block from the boardwalk and beach in Ocean City, New Jersey -- not Maryland!

We plan on building huge sandcastles, soaking up sun and salt, eating pizza, and watching videos at night. If this sounds like fun, we'd love to have you join us there!

Plan on bringing plenty of Sunblock 4000, beach chairs and umbrellas, as well as your own shovels for Castle-building. Bring jackets for the evenings -- it can get cool on the boardwalk. (And make sure you know where your towel is!)

We will not be providing any food, but fridge space and a small microwave will be available -- not to mention every type of boardwalk fast food within walking distance! Please don't bring any alcoholic beverages, however, as this isn't that kind of party.

Late Nite Folks: }8> You can go walking anywhere safely all night except the beach itself, which is technically closed after 10 pm.

NOTE: Ocean City, NJ requires Beach Tags. These cost about $3 a day, or about $10 for a week.

Crash Space

We will have a limited amount of space ($10 a night per person), first come, first crash. If you want a private room, tell us right away: we only have four bedrooms total ($50/night/person).

There are lots of other motels nearby for those desiring more privacy, or a bathroom to call their own. These run about $100/night. We have a list of nearby motels, so if you know you're going to want to rent a motel room, call us at 301-292-5231 we can give you their numbers.

One more note: The house we're renting has no air conditioning! If this will make you uncomfortable or unhappy, you will want to rent a motel room.

Also note: The House also has no parking spaces, so you will need to locate parking; There are many pay parking lots available, and carpooling is a great idea to conserve money and resources. Be careful and read signs --they will tow. However, once you do get parked, you really can walk to everything.

(Directions to SandCastleCon are available.)