Welcome to FanTek!

We are mostly a group of people, more like an extended weird family, that share interests in such things as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, Technology, Food, Coffee, and Chocolate.

Our group does a couple large conventions each year and a whole bunch of smaller things. If you like what you see here on these Web pages be sure and let us know you are interested. We even have primitive paper-copies of the Castle newsletter available on request (it helps to send us a stamp or two to help cover the mailing costs). Babelfish are only available in season...

The Main Purpose of our group is to find New Friends, of which we hope you will decide to become one. The only thing we ask, and insist on, is that all our Friends behave in a Polite and Friendly manner.

FanTek on the World Wide Web

Welcome to the FanTek Web Page, this is a new experiment for us. If this experiment works out and lots of you seem to be interested we may get talked into setting up our very own Internet site for all this. In fact we may even launch a direct broadcast satellite just to maintain worldwide links to all of you. In any case, most of what we do is to simply look for new friends... so if that is something you are looking for also, let us know!

How to reach us

FanTek, 1607 Thomas Rd., Friendly, MD 20744
+1 (301) 292-5231 (voice) [DC metro area]
+1 (301) 203-9582 (BBS)