Reasons for a Movie Hangout

by Jamie

``Welcome Back My Friends, to the Show that Never Ends....''

Action, adventure, comedy, horror, God I can sit back for hours on end watching good videos. Get me in a crowded room with a good comedy and I'm in heaven. The only problem I've found is that most video-watching people do is solitary, or with one or two other people.

This is not really natural. Think about it. For thousands of years theatre was a major event in someone's life. Family and community gathered together to laugh, or cry, or heckle, and walk away with a shared memory. But not any more.

True or false? Is it easier to laugh out loud with a room full of people, than alone where someone might think you've lost it? Would you rather be in a crowded room, with friends laughing all around you, and probably coming up with funnier lines than what's on the screen -- or alone?

This past winter I had the chance to run a video room at EveCon 12, with a ten foot screen and in full Dolby Surround Sound. There were hundreds of people in this room who had watched these same Videos many, many times, but they came. They came to see their favorite movies on a big screen again. They came to laugh, to be dazzled, to share an experience. The same as people have been doing for thousands of years.

The Answer...

We've Started a club house called ``The Movie Hangout''. Now we have a place to set up Bruce's ``O my God'' huge video screen and my ``O my God'' Kenwood Dolby Surround Sound stereo setup. Including two 300 lb. bass sub-woofers. But this isn't just for watching videos; we want to make videos, and have parties and dances and anything else that we can think of to have fun. Basically a mini convention each weekend.

If you have any suggestions Give Us A Call, 301-292-5231, or better yet, just come on down! The big thing we need to make this work is YOU! So come on down and join the fun!

($5 donation to cover food, sodas, rent, etc.)