Thank Yous

Thank you to Grig "Martian Madness Walrus" Larson, for most of the artwork for this issue [in the paper Castles; if you're not on the mailing list and would like to be, let us know!], to Pie, for the Centerfold Cthulhu in a Hockey Mask Picture; to Angel, Bruce, Cheryl, Jamie, and Linda, for writings; to the new printing press, for working; and to all the unsung heroes of the fold and staple line, for hard work late at night.

(Bruce created the FanTek logo, and the "Castle" icon is based on Punkie's ASCII-graphic Castle which appears on the FanTek BBS.)

Some additional heroes to sing in the Online Castle, that we couldn't mention in the paper version: The Lord Jim, for lots of collating, folding and stapling (Punkie and Jamie and the others have already been named!); and Albedo, for hunting useful gadgets that look nothing like giraffes (such as a collating machine), and for typing much of the Online Castle into the FanTek BBS; that helped greatly with preparing this Web version.

Thank you to the artists, also, for generously permitting their work to be published on the World Wide Web. (Please note that the drawings are copyrighted. If you would like to use them in your own publication, etc., please contact the artists to discuss permission. They may be reached through FanTek.)