We wish to again thank all those of you who volunteered to help out at EveCon 12. You are appreciated greatly. We also very much appreciate all of you who were there for simply being so good, friendly, and cooperative. Thanks!

Now then, we are looking for people again, to help out with Video Fest 95 and lots of other things! Helping is easy, just look through the things listed below, then call us up at (301) 292-5231, between 10am and 10pm. Tell the machine or person who answers who you are, what you would like to work on, and give them your phone number. Easy! Or call our FanTek BBS anytime at (301) 203-9582, and leave a Message for BRUCE.

Video Fest 95

We need people who have expertise in watching videos, using video equipment, and in making videos to do talks at VideoFest 95. If you have a topic to talk about just let us know. We are also interested in people to discuss using computers to do animations, special effects, and video editing. And we need people to teach about make-up, acting, fight choreography, and other in-front-of-the-camera stuff!

VideoFest 95 also needs lots of other volunteers for actually running the conference, for registration and set-ups and moving chairs. And pre-con help with calling companies and writing letters -- this needs to get done Real Soon!


CTHULHUCON needs people to design and put up appropriate Lovecraftian decor, make and serve tentacle-looking snacks, and invent new Old Ones Pool Party Games. Also needed are people right now to figure out other events to hold, and organize them. Anyone knowing of Call of Cthulhu Groups or Lovecraft Fan Organizations, please tell them about us -- and us about them!!

Other Stuff

The Castle and Program Book(s) need art!! Send doodles, send photocopies, come over and we'll feed you dinner and you can draw stuff on the spot!

The Video Club Hangout needs people to agree to show up specific nights, so Bruce and Jamie don't have to be alone if one of them can't make it. You also get to watch videos!

So call up today! If nothing else, you can do something very important. Tell us you like the things we are doing. Tell us that you are looking forward to attending them, and then do so!!