Club Update - Snow!

Okay already, we've had enough snow! Not only did EveCon have 4 feet of snow on the ground, the Post-Con party got snowed on as well... people had to shovel out parking spaces.

But both EveCon and the Post-con party were great fun, perhaps because we had to work so hard for them. Anyway, the weather is something we can't quite control...yet.

EveCon ended up with about 500 people attending in spite of the storms. We know that a lot of people simply couldn't get there, so those of us who did tried to have twice as much fun in their honor. It was the least we could do...

Anyway, you all are probably wondering what else we have planned for the Future. Well, our program to take over the World is running along quite smoothly. Already we have altered the Earth's axis by over 50 centimeters and will have flipped the entire planet over by the year 3786...

We are also cooperating with Congress and Federal Law Enforcement Officials in their Anti-Decency campaign. We plan to have talks by various people at CastleCon on why your Freedom of Speech should be limited by law when you try talking over any form of computer or other electronic medium. Remember, only you can stamp out Decency...

Among other projects, we are working again on "Sox Two, the Sequel" next weekend. The non-major movie should be done in time for CastleCon, where we'll have its World Premiere showing! And all of you are invited to attend. Of course!

Anyway, this year should be a lot of fun. We are especially looking forward to HalloweenCon One, which should be most amazingly amazing. All of you are invited along with us on our journey together into the Future... just set your Time Machines to Tomorrow and let's go!! See you all there!

Jovian Balloonfish

Balloonfish eating all the Fritos

Balloonfish with tummyache

Balloonfish after exploding due to low atmosphere and too many Fritos

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