Dear Friends,

Hello out there! Bruce here, expert snow-shoveller at your service. The Snow has stopped falling again, but I have a feeling it's probably just a temporary lull. So keep your snow-shoes handy.

EveCon 13 had a record 4 feet of snow on the ground and Friday morning was a full white-out blizzard. Lots of people called us to ask if we were cancelling. We told them, "It has taken us over a year's worth of effort to set up this con and we're not going to throw that away because of some snow. We don't Cancel!" Hey, all it was just a little bit of snow, eh?

Cheryl and I figured if nothing else it'd be us, a few good friends, and we'd all spend the weekend in the jacuzzi. But by Thursday night a whole bunch of you had arrived early to beat the snow and we realized it was going to be a great con!

Everyone who made it there had stories to tell about digging out, harnessing dog sleds, using skis and rescue 'copters. One friend of ours even walked part of the way when the buses stopped running. We thank all of you for being there.

We do understand that some of you really were trapped and were totally unable to make it. Just for you we have scheduled our next CastleCon for the last weekend in June, which should be a bit warmer.. Our motto is now "Less Snow For CastleCon..."

Speaking of people who were not able to make it, we'd like to thank our friends at Troma for their efforts to get down here. We've invited them to be our Guests at Castlecon by which time we hope that it has finally stopped snowing.

Also at Castlecon we hope to have science talks on "Why Global Warming has caused the New Ice Age" and "Antarctic Winter Sun-bathing to take advantage of the Ozone Hole."

We've also got our first HalloweenCon set up for the last weekend in October. Everyone is encouraged to wear their very finest costumes. Should be fun, Halloween is our favorite holiday!

Then just to be silly we are doing EveCon again on the first weekend in January, right after New Year's. This time we're adding events like "Competitive Snow-Shovelling" & "Uphill Skiing...."

There's also lots of neat things going on in the Club Events to which you are all cordially invited to read about and come enjoy. I like to think that as time goes by we will together figure out the true answer to Life, the Universe, and all that junk. Just think of all the Fun we'll be able to have then! We could conquer whole galaxies, or make tuna sandwiches!

In any case, I hope to see all of you real soon,

Your Friend,


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