Dear Mr. Bruce -
This is my "thank you note" for EveCon 13. Just like everybody else there, I had a great time. Who says Las Vegas is the entertainment capitol of the world?

I must apologize for not getting to speak with you at the Con. I saw you a lot but either you had a speech to give or I had a movie to get to.

Once I heard someone say (on T.V. or something) that only when you are in a group of truly diverse people can you really belong. I felt that this was the theme of EveCon and I wanted to write it on the "message board" - but for some reason "Die Siegfried and Roy Die" sounded better.

The snow almost kept me from coming back but then I figured that I had been planning this trip since last January and not even God's wrath was going to stop me. Sure, we spent Friday shovelling out my friend's driveway but I managed to get out every other day. It had to be the best experience I've had since I moved to Nevada, and it wasn't even here in Vegas.

I don't plan on ever missing an EveCon and I hope that future generations will carry it on hundreds of years from now.

                          Your Friend -
                             Cathy Clagett
**So when can I expect EveCon to come to Las Vegas?

[Martian with FanTek pennant]
[Another silly Martian]
[A third, with cape]
[A fourth]
[A fifth, boozing it up]

Dear Cathy,
What can I say, thank you for writing such a nice letter to us. And thank you even more for permission to run it here in The Castle! It was really fun calling you up the other day, too.

The only other letter we have gotten so far was from someone complaining about the con who wasn't even there. It makes us feel a lot better to know that someone out there had a really good time. It makes all the work and all the snow shovelling worthwhile!!

See you at next EveCon, or before if we make it to Vegas!

                                  Your Friend, Bruce

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