Club Events

Updated late August, 1996

Welcome to the latest and greatest edition of Club Events, telling you what neat things FanTek has planned in the near and not-so-near future, and how to find them! They are a way to get to know each other outside of the chaos and con-fusion of a convention. Most things are not real fancy, and definitely not too serious, which is just the way we like it.

Bad Movie Nights will be Fridays, September 20, October 4, November 8, and December 6, beginning at 8pm, at the House. We will show silly old movies, or classics, or wide-screen special versions, or new releases that film companies would like us to review... anything we thought you might want to see on the 120 inch projection TV in full surround sound! The movies aren't bad; we just like the name "Bad Movie Night"! We supply popcorn, you bring sodas or juices to share!!

A FanTek Autumnal Equinox Gathering will be held September 21 (Saturday) starting at 2pm, at the House. We'll make Caramel Apples to celebrate the season, then enjoy what the day brings. Bring a late summer/early fall food to share, or some fresh apple cider, or just yourself!

We'll have the Last Chance HalloweenCon/CthulhuCon Planning Event on Saturday, October 12, starting around 2pm at the House. Everyone who would like to volunteer for the Con is welcome! Come meet the people who make it happen, and become one of them! Last minute scheduling for convention events possible! Dinner definite; please bring drinkables or munchies to share!

(If you have ideas for events for the con, please let us know, the earlier the better; you don't have to wait until the Last Chance Planning Event!)

(Subliminal message: Pre-reg early and often!) Yes, this is your absolute Final Chance to Pre-Register for HalloweenCon (Why?), so don't forget! Just bring $25, pre-register, and save both time and money!

The Post-HalloweenCon Get-Together will be held on Saturday, November 9, at the House. Starting around 2pm, we'll gather and tell tall tales of things that did not happen at the convention, and then the much weirder stories of things that did! Please bring sodas or snack foods to share, or just yourself!

The next Castle Folding and Stapling Party will be Saturday, November 16, starting at about 2pm at the House. See Bruce run his printing press, meet the people that make The Castle possible, help fold and staple many, many copies! All are welcome, but be prepared to work! Dinner will be served; donations of munchies and sodas welcome!

...and more cons!

(You can also peek at our older events, to see what we were up to in the spring and summer!)
[Recipe Book and Pots]
Read Bruce's Recipe Book!


1607 Thomas Road, Friendly, Maryland, 20744.

From Maryland take I-95 to Exit 3a in Md, or
from Virginia cross the Woodrow Wilson Bridge,
and take Exit 2, to Indian Head Highway South.
Go 3 miles, turn Left on Old Fort Road.
Go 2 miles on Old Fort Rd, turn Right on Thomas Rd.
We are #1607, look for bright signs and a long driveway.

If lost, our phone # is (301) 292-5231, call us!

(If you need them, we also have directions to the House from outer space.)

Metro pickup is sometimes available for events at the House. Give us a call about a week before the event and we'll try to arrange it. Or (for any event) you could get a ride with someone else who is going.

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