Arranging Rides to FanTek Meetings

There are many people who drive to FanTek Events who can give you a lift. This has the advantage of avoiding the hassle of Metro, or to ease wear and tear on your own car.

  1. To find somebody, you can ask someone on the FanTek BBS, or get a friend to get you there. A friend doesn't have to be a FanTek member to attend one of our events, we like new people!
  2. Make sure you confirm everything. Nothing is worse than a miscommunication based on assumptions. Confirm when and where the pickup will occur, how long all of you plan to stay, and any rules (like "No smoking in my car.")
  3. Offer to pay for gas. Don't force the issue if you get a polite refusal.
  4. Make sure you are findable if your ride has to leave suddenly.
Make sure you have a dependable ride. Nothing can be worse than losing a ride suddenly. A ride is undependable if:
  1. They don't show up. It's worse if they don't call you or anything. Also beware of people who make excuses all the time, especially at the last minute.
  2. They forget you at the event. Being stranded in Fort Washington is not fun. Someone else will have to get you back, and that can be a pain for all involved
FanTek really frowns on people who do this (we have had this happen before), so if you end up abandoned, try and find out why from the ride first. It could be a simple mistake (They got lost), or a sudden event (They had a wreck on 295), but if they give you a lame reason (like "I changed my mind"), don't depend on that ride ever again.