Magic: The Gathering® Tournament at CastleCon 9!

Saturday, June 29, 10:00 AM

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Yes, there will be a M:TG tournament at CastleCon 9! Please send e-mail to the guy running this thing, at, if you're interested (this will not commit you to anything; it's just a way to estimate how many people will be attending the tournament for planning purposes).

Who's the guy running this, and who does he really work for?

Rick MacKinnon (aka "Twisted" or "Daddie Prune") will run it (he's the guy who has run all M:TG tournaments at Fantek conventions so far). He works for the Secret Collectible Trading Card Addicts Instigation, that is, he is in no way affiliated with any marketer, manufacturer, distributor, or any other function related to the sale or distribution of collectible card games (although he was just entered non-voluntarily into the Duelist Convocation International >:( ). If you're really interested in the hierarchy, the game room will be run by the folks from Brainstorm Comics, and the convention as a whole will be run by Fantek. Happy?

What kinds of tournaments will be run and in what format?

Gotta ask the tough ones, don't you? Well, it mostly depends on the turnout we get for the tournament, but the most popular so far have been Type I, sealed deck (including "Iron Person"), and Two-Headed Giant. I may go with a Type I.5 format for all tournaments, which would mean that any card on the Type I restricted list which did not appear in the Revised set or afterwards will instead be banned (e.g., no Moxes, Lotuses, "Big Blue" cards, Library of Alexandria, etc.) Be prepared to be flexible with your decks. The format for the tournaments will also depend on the number of people who attend, but I think a round robin or swiss style would be best to keep people playing as much as possible. I hate going to a tournament and then just sitting around.

Will all of these lists and rules be available?

Yes. There will be hard copies of all tournament rules including the banned/restricted lists for the various types (or type, if I stick with the Type I.5).

Will Alliances[TM] be allowed in the tournaments?

Obviously, this will partially depend on whether the latest expansion is released by then. Unless I get some serious objections, I will allow Alliances[TM] cards in the tournaments, mostly because I haven't seen any evidence of broken or hard-to-get-rid-of cards.

What are the prizes?

Assuming the release date is before the tournament, I will have Alliances[TM] booster packs available as prizes. Otherwise, the prizes will be Fourth Edition booster packs. Sorry, no cash substitutions.

Will these tournaments be sanctioned?

No. None of the tournaments will be sanctioned by the Duelists Convocation International, and you will not receive any DCI points for participating. (On the other hand, we don't have to follow all of the DCI rules when running these things...)

Where and when will this be held?

The mayhem will begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday, June 29 in the game room (that big, open lobby between the hotel bar and the pool).

OK, so how much is all this going to cost?

Nothing! Except for live-action role playing games, there are no surcharges for any events at Fantek conventions (with the sole exception of Sealed Deck--and then you only pay for the cards). You have nothing to lose and a lot of fun and playing experience to gain by attending!

Will there be any other Magic-related panels at the con?

To the best of my knowledge, no. If you would be interested in running one, get in touch with the folks at Fantek:

FanTek, 1607 Thomas Rd., Friendly, MD 20744
+1 (301) 292-5231 (voice)
+1 (301) 203-9582 (BBS)

See you there!

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