Welcome to FanTek!

Some of you may be curious as to exactly what FanTek (our group) is all about. This is a good and intelligent question, for which we have a variety of good and occasionally silly answers. It's like a multiple choice test!
  1. FanTek is a large group of friends who share interests in a wide variety of things such as Science Fiction and Games.
  2. FanTek is a giant con-spiracy to take over the World, using the most diabolical weapon of all, "Friendship". Sneaky, eh?
  3. FanTek is a secret organization of people who are easily distracted by bright shiny objects.
  4. FanTek is the world's strangest extended family.
  5. FanTek allows people and beings from all species to join, as long as they are Friendly and Polite. We even let Humans in!
  6. FanTek is run by Aliens from Outer Space, possibly Mars.
  7. Everyone else in FanTek is also an Alien, but none of them know that every one else is one too.
  8. FanTek is an ancient philosophy founded by Lucretius the Mad Poet in the first Century BCE.
  9. FanTek members are the most dangerous animals on the planet Earth, except for maybe those darned Amoebas.
  10. FanTek is a lot of Fun!

    You are allowed to choose any & all of the above answers, return the completed test to the review committee on Alpha 4. This test will be graded on a space-time gravitational curve.

    (hint: all of the answers are correct...)

    We are mostly a group of people, more like an extended weird family, that share interests in such things as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, Technology, Food, Coffee, and Chocolate.

    Our group does a couple large conventions each year and a whole bunch of smaller things. If you like what you see here on these Web pages be sure and let us know you are interested. We even have primitive paper-copies of the Castle newsletter available on request (it helps to send us a stamp or two to help cover the mailing costs). Babelfish are only available in season...

    The Main Purpose of our group is to find New Friends, of which we hope you will decide to become one. The only thing we ask, and insist on, is that all our Friends behave in a Polite and Friendly manner.

    How FanTek Got Started

    Bruce has a few words about this....

    FanTek on the World Wide Web

    Welcome to the FanTek Web Page; this has been a new experiment for us. Since this experiment is working out, and lots of you seem to be interested, we are in the process of setting up our very own Internet site for all this, at http://www.fantek.org/. (In fact we may even launch a direct broadcast satellite just to maintain worldwide links to all of you...:) In any case, most of what we do is to simply look for new friends... so if that is something you are looking for also, let us know!


    FanTek now has an email discussion list on the net! This is for finding other FanTek members, discussing the conventions, etc.

    To subscribe:
    Send a message to majordomo@obscure.org with a message body of "subscribe fantek" or "subscribe fantek your-email-address". (This "majordomo" address is for subscribing, not for actually sending messages to the list members.)
    To send messages:
    Send email to fantek@obscure.org; your message will reach all the list members.

    For quick, authoritative answers to questions about FanTek and FanTek events that aren't answered in this website, please write to Cheryl at cherylz@fantek.org, or use the following U.S. mail address or phone numbers.

    How to reach us

    FanTek, 1607 Thomas Rd., Friendly, MD 20744-4130
    +1 (301) 292-5231 (voice, 10am-10pm Eastern time)
    +1 (301) 203-9582 (BBS)
    These phone numbers are in the Washington DC metro area.
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