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Halloween News

FanTek's Mutant Mini-Newsletter V4.0 of 1996


It's My Favorite Holiday!

[Vampire Witch]
(Cover Art by Cheryl Emerson)

HALLOWEENCON ONE will be held Oct. 25, 26, & 27, 1996
Holiday Inn Holidome and Conference Center
At the Francis Scott Key Mall in Scenic Frederick, Maryland
Also Includes CthulhuCon 2!

Dear Friends,

Hi, my name is Bruce and I would like to invite you to HalloweenCon, a Three Day Celebration of one of our favorite Holidays, namely (you probably Guessed!) -- HALLOWEEN. Just think of it as a weekend-long Halloween party. But not just any ordinary party; this one is literally Out-Of-This-World!

At HalloweenCon you will be able to see the costumes and colors of beings from a thousand worlds and other dimensions. You will get to attend shows featuring Comedy, Dancing, and nearly Everything Else Imaginable.

You will get to feel the excitement and thrills of becoming for a weekend something other than your everyday self. It is sort of like running off and joining the Circus, even including lessons in Juggling and Kite-Flying.

You will also get a chance to play characters in one of our two Live-Action Games, which are like being the Star in a Movie! You can be either a Vampire or an Adventurer exploring arcane mysteries. And be sure not to miss the Old Ones Pool Party!

Yes, this Con is for Halloween, which is when we get to face our fears and even make fun of them by dressing up as Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins ourselves! So bring your favorite Costumes, or just bring some old clothes and come to our Costume Making workshop!

You will get to meet lots of interesting people, and you can get to learn lots of interesting things. For example, if you bring some basic old clothes we can help you turn them into costumes! Or you can learn about making chainmail, building UFOs, or how to tell fortunes. Learn to use your psychic abilities for the good of all humanity. You too can learn how to use a powerful Digital Computer to save the World from Alien Invasion!!

In short, HalloweenCon should be a Lot of Fun!!

Hope to see you there!

Your Friend,

Bruce Evry

HalloweenCon One!

Three Strange Days and Two Very Strange Nights

October 25, 26, and 27, 1996

Holiday Inn Holidome and Conference Center
Located at the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick, Maryland
Exit 31-A on Interstate 270

A Friday Midnight Seance!
The Halloween Costume Show!
The Saturday Night Dance!
The Old Ones Pool Party!
The Beautiful Belly Dance Show!
A Giant Gamers Room!
And CthulhuCon 2!!

[G.K. meets B.C.]
"Griffin Kitty Meets Baby Cthulhu"
(Art by C. J. Mallion)

Plus Two Spectacular Live-Action Games

Where YOU get to be the STAR!
(FREE with HalloweenCon membership)


"Vampire: The Masquerade"

To pre-register for this game contact:

Anne Wehler
50 Franklin Valley Circle
Baltimore, MD 21136
(410) 265-6984


"Call of Cthulhu"

To pre-register for this game contact:

Eldritch Brown
5450 Fallriver Row Ct.
Columbia, MD 21044
(410) 992-4367


Have more ideas for things that belong in HalloweenCon or CthulhuCon? Let us know! Contact Cheryl or Bruce at (301) 292-5231 (between 10am and 10pm Eastern time) and you can help make them happen!

For HalloweenCon Room Reservations

At the Holiday Inn Holidome and Conference Center
At the Francis Scott Key Mall, Frederick MD
Call the hotel directly:
1-800-868-0094 from 9-5 Mon.-Fri.
1-301-694-7500 Nights and Weekends.
(Ask for Carlyne (pronounced "Carleen"),
and be sure to mention HalloweenCon.)

Room with One Bed is $79
Room with Two Beds is $89

If you are told the hotel is sold out,
please call (301) 292-5231 and tell us!

Pre-Register for HalloweenCon; it's easy!

Only $25 if mailed in by October 12!
It's easy; it's important!
(Membership will be $30 at the Door.)

When you register you become a Member of FanTek, not just a ticket holder.

Please Note: We are not a drinking convention, and the Hotel does not allow alcohol to be brought in, so please don't. Thank You.

Please Sign Me Up for HalloweenCon!

Please make checks out to FanTek.
($25 by October 12)

Name:  _______________________________________________

Address:  ____________________________________________

City  ____________________ State ____ Zip  ___________

Phone  _________________________________

Send to: FanTek, 1607 Thomas Rd., Friendly MD 20744.

EveCon 14 will be held Jan. 3-5 of 1997 at the Same hotel.

And don't forget Brainstorm Comics while in Frederick. Call 301-663-3039 for Directions & Info on Comics and Games! You can sign up for HalloweenCon There in Person!!

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