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Problem Solving

Okay, now that I've put you all to sleep with the title I can write anything I want to in this space! Sneaky, eh?

Well, first I want to admit that I am not perfect. In fact I know for sure that I have lots of very serious problems in my life. In some of our past issues I have spoken about my childhood and the effects that it still has on me. A lot of people have come up to me since then and shared some of their own stories and problems. It has meant a lot to me that there are others out there who understand.

All of us face, at one time or another, problems of various kinds. Some we can face with the help of our friends, others we are left to struggle against on our own.

Most modern theories seem to treat such problems as if they were "disorders" or "diseases". But in reality most of them are very normal and protective responses to situations that are abnormal. The body and the brain have very strong survival instincts and what we see now as a "problem" may well have been a successful way of surviving a dangerous and hazardous situation.

So if we look at our "problems" upside down, possibly we can see where and how they were intended to help us. Its sort of a more optimistic outlook on life. Problems can be seen not as challenges to be simply fought against, but as opportunities, as life's way of making us get out of our chairs and doing things.

Anyway, thank you all for being patient with me, and thank the Universe for providing so many interesting problems, challenges, er, opportunities....

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