FanTek Con Questionnaire

The primary reason we hold cons is to try and find new friends! Please take the following short quiz to see if you can qualify for prestigious membership in our very exclusive HalloweenCon 1...

  1. Have you always felt Different from ordinary people?
  2. Are you easily distracted by Bright Shiny Objects?
  3. Have you ever been called a Daydreamer?
  4. Would you rather wear Costumes instead of regular clothes?
  5. Is Halloween one of your Favorite Holidays?
  6. Does Time seem to pass too quickly or too slowly for you?
  7. Would you prefer living in Space to living in Philadelphia?
  8. Do you like Dinosaurs?
  9. Is your Sense of Humor your First and Best line of Defense?
  10. Would you be willing to risk everything by travelling to distant Frederick, Maryland for what could be the most fun weekend you'll have in this Century??
You get two points just for finishing the quiz and reading this sentence!
Give yourself one point for every positive answer.
You get 2 bonus points for answering any questions twice.
You get two extra points for laughing during the quiz.

Any score above 5 means you will definitely fit in at our Cons!
A score of above 8 means you are one of us for sure!
A score of 10 puts you into the Secret Committee that runs the Universe!
A score of over 20 means you are probably not from this planet and we definitely want to meet you...

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