Thank Yous

Our Thanks to Cheryl & Becky for beating the words into shape. Thanks to Ann Koi for her Cover-art and to Punkie for his insane Martians and to Jamie for his cartoons. We can thank Jamie for doing most of the Printing, with the assistance of Dis, who proofread stuff. Special thanks to Cathy C. for her letter and also to that Bruce person. Additional thanks to the Folding Gang!

We'd also like to thank Brainstorm Comics & Gaming for their support. Brainstorm Comics is located in Frederick, Maryland; their phone numbers are 1-301-663-3039 and 1-800-675-3778. Brainstorm features The Great Wall of Comics! "No Pogs!"

Thank you, also, to the artists for generously permitting their work to be published in these World Wide Web pages. (If you would like to use any of the artwork in your own publication, etc., please contact the artists to discuss permission. They may be reached through FanTek.)

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