Well, you see, we were going to do this magazine called Views, but then this great white light came down out of the heavens, and pointed out that we were way too Attention Deficit and easily Distracted to do a regularly scheduled anything. Then an eerie Voice spoke, and said, "Hey, do you really want to have to do all that work just so this thing can sit on a store shelf for a month & then get thrown away?"

It was thusly that we came to the inspiration to changeth Views into a series of Books about the various aspects of movies and video. That way we can spend more time on each subject, and the finished product will have more than a 30 day life span and no "sell-by" date. Pretty darn clever of us, eh?

Anyway, the first Book we intend to do will be with the kind cooperation of our new friends up at Troma. It will include both reviews and interviews of movies, people, and monsters involved with their films. And of course we hope to have tons of pictures, which as we all know are worth 1,024 (2 to the 10 power) words.

So be sure to ask for the "Troma-tic Pictures Guide" at fine book stores and coffee shops near you, as soon as we get it done!
[Image: Rollerblading Martians]

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