Crazy Horse Speaks

Why Pre-Reg?

Please pardon the interruption but I'd like to talk to you for a moment about a topic which is important to us all: pre-registration for HalloweenCon and CthulhuCon ... er, EveCon (or any Con for that matter). I'm sure all of you have seen the pre-reg forms in each issue of the Castle or in the mini newsletters.

You probably look at them and think to yourself "Why bother with that. I can wait until I get there and it's only $5 or $10 more. Besides, it's too much of a hassle to mail it in."

The problem is, if there aren't enough people that pre-register then we won't have enough money to buy sodas, chips, etc. for the Con Suite or maybe replacement extension cords or any one of a million different things that might need to be purchased just before the Con. (Also, as a member of the Registration Staff, it would make my life much easier.)

Also, if you pre-reg, you won't be waving money around in the lobby of the hotel. It will also greatly streamline your registration process since we'll already have your name and address on file.

So how about it? Come on and pre-reg. Make a difference.

Crazy Horse

P.S. Besides, you save $5.00
P.P.S. Put in a little note to cheer up Bruce....