The FanTek BBS -- (301) 203-9582

        Gaming!                   Friends!             Computers!
Fun!                         ~|             |~                   Martians!
         ~|      Sardines!   [-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-]    Castles!      |~
         [-_-_-_-_-]          |             |          [-_-_-_-_-]
          | o   o |           [  0   0   0  ]           | o   o |
Parties!   |     |    -|       |           |       |-    |     |   Cons!
           |     |_-___-___-___-|         |-___-___-___-_|     |
           |  o  ]              [    0    ]              [  o  |
           |     ]   o   o   o  [ _______ ]  o   o   o   [     | ----__________
_____----- |     ]              [ ||||||| ]              [     |
           |     ]              [ ||||||| ]              [     | Bad Movies!
      ( (__________------------_____________-------------_________) )
Costuming!                                         The Punk Walrus Saga!
                       Mad Inventors!
           Sci-Fi!                                          Fantasy!
(301) 203-9582 (DC metro area) -- supporting 300/1200/2400 baud (no error correction)

105Megs, 7 nodes, text files, and online interactive games!

Give us a call, we have many lines open! Sysops are standing by!

Yes, the FanTek BBS lives!! Sometimes someone in the chat room, always bulletins on events, and lots of messages to read and reply to! No, it's not the Internet -- nor would we want it to be -- and it's still rated PG-13. But it's still a nice place, where you can find real people to talk to, so just dial in and see us sometime!


And of course, friendly discussions, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes punny, related to Science Fiction, Gaming, Inventions, Space Science, Computers, Chocolate, and lots more....

Not Featuring:

Joining the FanTek BBS

This BBS is free but donations are welcome and needed!

If you wish to be on our FanTek BBS, Please simply call us (voice) at 301-292-5231 (if you get the answering machine, keep trying until you get us) and give Bruce your phone number. He will call you right back to verify, and ask for your real name and a password. (For your login name, you may either choose an alias or use your real name.) If we do not answer please call back later. (PLEASE do not call after 10 PM! We need our sleep...zzz)

The only thing we ask, and insist on, is that all our Friends behave in a Polite and Friendly manner. This goes for online at the BBS, when you come to a convention, and when you visit us at our House, which someday will be turned into our Castle.

More information about the BBS

The FanTek BBS is run on an Atari 1040ST with NiteLite software and hardware by Paul Swanson. Port 0 is the home port, Ports 1-5 are run on ViVa 2400m Modems, (Port 6's phone line got commandeered for a voice line,) and Port 7 is a null modem connected to another 1040ST.


In 1990, we decided to enter the world of telecommunications by starting our own BBS. This proved to be rather expensive (like many of our other events) and therefore, we ask of those that partake in these events to help defray the costs. All users are given access to the BBS free of charge, however this costs us a lot of money for phone bills, equipment repair, and just general maintenance. We used to charge everyone $10 a year, and we no longer do this, but our costs keep going up and up. So we were hoping those who could afford to do so would give us donations of what they could. After conferring with users and other BBS Sysops, we came to this donation schedule:
Free (user)
35 min./call; BBS access (including the Chat Room and the Text File Library)
$10 donation (registered user)
85 min./call; full BBS access (including Games)
$10,000 or higher donation (god-like being)
Your own port (We should be so lucky....)
When you consider what has been put into this BBS, you will realize that $10 barely makes a dent, much less helping out with the five-phone-line bill that C&P sends us every month. Please send your check or money order (no cash please--the U.S. Post office does not like it) to:
1607 Thomas Road
Fort Washington, MD 20744
Please include your Real Name and your Alias with your donation.

If you can only pay cash, you may do so in person at one of the FanTek events we hold at The House.

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