Club Update

Cheryl said that the first version of this update was too serious and that we needed more humor. So she had Jamie type in this real long joke about the man on the roof, the flood, and his faith in god. However it turns out that Apple Computer had patented the punch line of the joke. Even worse, Microsoft has trademarked the words Flood, Roof, and God, which they intend to use in the soon to be released version of Windows 95.

Sadly we can not actually tell you the joke due to a copyright infringement suit threatened by Disney Studios who intend to make it into another feature-length cartoon starring Mickey Mouse as the man on the roof, Donald Duck as the rescuer with the life preserver, Pluto as the captain of the Coast Guard Boat, and Uncle Scrooge as the owner of the heliocopter. God is still being played by George Burns, as himself of course.

Now then, the story, if we were able to tell it, is about how someone with too much faith refuses all help. A representative of the Coalition for the Rights of People Too Proud to Ask For Help informed us that the storyline was discriminatory. They promised not to sue if we printed a retraction instead of the joke.

Now then, I have to admit that I have been a member of this latter organization for too many years. Luckily being a split personality I have no problem with suing myself for something no matter how stupid it is.

Anyway you probably guessed that the man ends up drowned and goes to heaven. There he asks God why he didn't save him, and George Burns takes the cigar out of his mouth and delivers the punchline that we can't tell you but which has to do with the life preserver, the boat, and the helicopter.

Please note that all company names refered to herein are the sole trademark of their respective corporations, as are all nouns, verbs, and adjectives. This article is intended for home viewing only and any copying or public display is punishable by Federal statute 101 and all violators will be prosecuted.

Now then, hopefully this will add a bit of humor to the Castle. Just take all the unmentioned pieces, imagine hat they should have said, string them together, and have a good laugh. Then please turn yourself in to the nearest FBI office. Thank you...

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