Dear Friends,

Things change. It is perhaps one of the most basic aspects of the Universe that having once been set in motion all things tend to keep moving. In truth, Stars, Planets, Galaxies, and sub-atomic particles are all falling towards each other, but luckily for us they seem to have learned from Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker series that the trick to flying is to throw yourself at the ground and miss...

My life has had a lot of changes recently. In the past year I have remembered a lot of things about my childhood that are quite horrifying. And I've worked hard at trying to understand myself now as an adult (whatever that is). It has all felt a lot like falling, but I am trying to still learn the trick of missing the ground. It is after all the only way we can learn to fly.

One of the changes that happened was that my Father passed away last week. I was asked to speak at his funeral but could not do so... perhaps I will take the time later in this issue to give him the eulogy I could not give then.

Other changes include the end of our experiment with the Video Hangout. It was a success in that we got to watch a lot of wonderful movies and to meet a few new friends. It was a failure only in that more of you did not get to share in the experience. We will of course continue watching movies... we are just moving them back to our House and more humble surroundings.

Another big change is that we are mutating VideoFest into what we should have done in the first place, another CastleCon. We will still be doing a lot of neat video stuff, but everyone seems to have really missed Castlecons. Since we already had the space and the hotel for the beginning of September it is a simple enough change... and one that I hope you all will welcome.

Because it is the very last minute we will understand if some of you can't make it. For those who can make it we look forward to having you there as our guests and as our friends. There will be lots going on and as per usual it will be a lot of fun.

While sometimes when we try new things we fail and we start to fall, perhaps with enough good luck and help from our friends we really can miss the ground... and learn to fly.

Your Friend,    BRUCE

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