EveCon 13 News

FanTek's Mutant FREE Mini-Newsletter, Issue 2.3

``Is Halloween Your Favorite Holiday...?''

``Would You Like To Celebrate It Again In January??''

(Artwork by Bruce; the full-size picture is available.)

Another Special News Flash!!

Announcing the World Premiere of Twilight of the Dogs, a new Science Fiction film by John Ellis! Just finished! Friday, January 12, at 9pm in the video room at Evecon!

Full Moon Entertainment, creators of Puppet Master, Trancers, Dollman, Sub-species, Dark Angel, and lots of our other favorite SF and horror movies will be coming to visit us at EveCon 13!

Dear Friends,

Okay, it's time for another Mini-Newsletter, which is once again part of our nefarious Plot to Take Over the World! This time we wish to use this newsletter to formally invite you to come join us for EveCon 13, our next convention.

So you may ask us ``What is a Convention anyhow?'' Well, our cons are gatherings of friends who share our interests in such things as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming, Music, Bright Lights, Movies, and Computers. A Con is a full weekend of fun things to do and see, people to meet, and new ideas to play with. If you have been seeking something more to life, then we hope you will come visit with us....

Our convention EveCon 13 will be held January 12, 13, and 14 of 1996. A large part of ``Why'' we hold these cons is to look for new friends to be in our rather strange weird group.

Please take the following test to see if you have potential to join our secret organization:

  1. Have you seen Star Wars more than one time?
  2. Does Calvin and Hobbes reflect your own childhood?
  3. Do you distrust all so-called authority figures?
  4. Do you hate serious tests but like silly questionnaires?
  5. Is your computer one of your best friends?
  6. Are you secretly a Super-Hero (or Villain) in disguise?
  7. Do you find ``normal'' people vaguely disturbing?
  8. Are you easily distracted by bright shiny objects?
  9. Do you enjoy watching bad movies way too much?
  10. Would you be willing to travel as far away as distant Frederick, Maryland in order to have one of the ultimate very best weekends in your entire life??

Give yourself bonus points for answering any questions twice.

You get 2 bonus points for just finishing the quiz & reading this sentence!

Any score of above 2 means you will fit in at Evecon.

Any score over 5 means you are one of us for sure.

A score of 8 to 10 puts you in the Inner Circle of the Secret Committee that runs the world. Meetings to be announced.

(A score of over Ten means you are probably not of this planet and we definitely want to meet you!)

Con-gratulations, you took the quiz!
Now you get to come attend...

EveCon 13
It's January 12, 13, & 14 of 1996
(that's Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!)

To Be Held at the Holiday Inn Frederick at the FSK Mall

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Games...

EveCon also contains Music, Dancing, Art, Computers, Cartoons, Chocolate, Juggling, Comedy, Costumes, Coffee, Space Science, High Tech Toys, and Di-Hydrogen Monoxide.

(P.S. -- It will also be a lot of fun, so try to be there!)

When you Attend our EveCon 13 you become a member of our club, which has all sorts of other activities all year long. So not only do you get 3 days of ultimate Fun but also a lot more! Follow instructions on the next page in order to Pre-Register for EveCon 13, and we'll all see you there!!

If you still have any questions please feel free to call us here at FanTek between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm at 301-292-5231 (it's a metro DC area number).

(Full-size picture available)

And don't forget to visit Brainstorm Comics while in Frederick.
Call 301-663-3039 for Directions & Info on Great Comic Stuff!

More Exciting Notices!!

Troma Inc. (the famous studio that brought you Toxic Avenger and Surf Nazis Must Die) just called us on the phone and may be coming to EveCon 13 as well! We'll keep you updated in future issues as to who is doing what, when, where, and why....

Definite Additional Notice! --
The producers of ``Sox, the Movie'' are absolutely certainly going to be at EveCon!

Here's the Hotel Info!

Holiday Inn Frederick at the FSK Mall
Go up I-270 North from the DC Beltway
Take Exit 31A, take 1st Right, Follow Signs

Rooms will be Flat Rate $79 One Bed and $89 for Two Beds (up to 4 people). Call 1-800-868-0094 from 9-5 Mon.-Fri. or 1-301-694-7500 Nights & Weekends
(Use these numbers, not Holiday Inn's national number.)

This lovely hotel has Indoor Pool, Jacuzzi, and an Indoor Miniature Golf Course!

Now Then, How Do You Join EveCon 13?

To Pre-Register, simply send us your name, address, and phone number (the paper newsletter has an actual form, but putting scissors to your computer screen isn't very productive!) with your check for $25.

Yes, it's only $25 for all 3 days!
(EveCon 13 membership will be $30 at the door)
So Pre-Reg Now & Save!

Send your Check and Name and Address and Phone to
FanTek, 1607 Thomas Rd., Friendly, MD 20744.

(If you wish to register 2 or more people, just make sure we get their names and addresses.)

Please note: pre-registrations must be postmarked by January 1, 1996. Thanks!