CastleCon 9

June 28, 29, and 30th of 1996

At the Holiday Inn, Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick, Maryland

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gaming,
Movie-Making, Music, Art, Dinosaurs,
Computers, Costumes, Comedy, and Pirate Ships!

Special Guests:

Lloyd Kaufman and James Gunn of Troma Inc.!
Conrad Brooks, Star of Plan 9! Comedy Duo Team Chicken Salad!
Special Appearance by Bunny Fru! Bellydancers! Jugglers! Scientists!
And Lots More Neat People!


$20 if mailed by April First; $25 if mailed by June First!
Membership will be $30 at the Door.
(When you register you become a Member of FanTek, not a Ticket holder!)

Please send checks to
FanTek, 1607 Thomas Rd., Friendly, MD 20744.

Please Note: We are not a drinking convention, and the hotel does not allow any alcohol to be brought in. So please don't. Thank you.


From Washington DC take I-270 North to Exit 31-A, take first right into Mall.

From Baltimore take I-70 West to Exit 54, then Rte. 85 South to FSK Mall.

For Room Reservations

At the Holiday Inn, FSK Mall, Call 1-800-868-0094 Mon.-Fri. 9-5, or 1-301-694-7500 Nights & Weekends.

Rooms are $79 (one bed) and $89 (two beds) per night. The hotel will probably sell out early, so don't wait; reserve now!!

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