CastleCon 9 Stuff

It is our pleasure to announce...

The Friday Night "Pirate Pool Party", starring "Team Chicken Salad" and friends. Come join the fun with Pirate Ships and Cannonballs in a Big Blue Wet Thing (aka Pool).

"The Midnight Bellydancing Drums", yes, all you ethnic drummers are invited to come and drum for the most beautiful Bellydancers in the known Universe... Friday at Midnight!
(Note from Cheryl -- "Please Bring Your Own Drums!")

"Special Effects for $1.98" hosted by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Inc., Producer & Director of such films as "The Toxic Avenger" and "Class of Nuke'em High"!

"How to Write Tromatic Screenplays" by James Gunn, Troma Screenwriter and Humorist. Learn how to write for movies such as the soon-to-be-released "Tromeo and Juliet".

Get to meet our friend Conrad Brooks, Star of "Plan Nine From Outer Space" and "Ed Wood" and 999 other films!!!

The "Further Adventures Of Punk Walrus" as read by his associate Grig Larson, author and furniture guru...

The Saturday Night Toxic Masquerade & Fashion Show, where you all get to be the stars of the show!

The "Purple Pirate Pub" (10 PM Sat. Nite) with swash-buckling foods and beverages for all new crewmembers. Join up for a voyage of danger, adventure, and bright shiny objects!

The Saturday Midnight "Dead Man's Dance"!! Join the Hunt for Treasure and the Lust for Gold, the Quest for Booty, the Most Amazing Dance we've ever tried....

The World Premiere of "SOX 2 - The Sequel!" Yes, we once again have the world's deadliest exotic laundry, starring in a feature of their own diabolical devising!! Hosted by star Julie Evans Fuller and her friends.

Plus, 199 other insanely great programs!

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