FanTek House Metro Pickup

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is a wonderful thing. Most of the time. Here are the rules for metro pickup:
  1. Call a week ahead of time. We need to know how many people are coming, and who they are. That way, we'll know if we missed anyone. Pickup times are usually an hour before the event.
  2. Confirm a day ahead of time.
  3. Take the metrorail to HUNTINGTON, the end of the Yellow Line. Take the downstairs exit (lower level) from the tracks. After you exit the gate, cross the street to the left, to a small plexiglass booth in front of the parking lot (not the bus pickup area).
  4. Wait for pickup. You should get a description of the vehicle before your trip so you know what to wait for.
  5. Be on time. We will wait for a while if someone is missing, but we won't wait too long. We only pickup once.

An alternate idea is to see who is going, and maybe get a ride with them or arrange another metro pickup of their choosing. Sometimes you can metro up, and then get a ride back to your abode with someone you met at the meeting.

It should be noted that we only pickup on large-number events that don't run too late. If the event is too late, it could be by the time it is over, metro has shut down for the day. (Metro trains are a Cinderella system, which turns into a pumpkin before midnight.) For those of you who take a bus to a metro station in order to get to Huntington, make sure you are there before the last bus leaves for home. Allow time for the train to stop for no apparent reason.