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(Reprinted from The Castle, Issue 1, 1995)

Gateways is in hiatus, We're not sure exactly where that is but we believe it is somewhere west of Boise? One thing we've learned from Gateways is that magazines need to be narrowly targeted.

But, we are still magazine fanatics -- and we also really love videos. So the thought came to us, ``Hey, let's do a magazine about watching, enjoying, and making videos.'' And thus 'Views was born.

After coming up with the new concept for 'Views we had to figure out what we wanted to put into it. Sitting down at Bruce's breakfast table we came up with our first draft. All that we left out was the kitchen sink. We may even sneak in SF stories, eh?

The first department we came up with was, of course, Video Watching. This includes new releases, old favorites, and lost gems (some of which we don't even know about yet, so send in your favorites). And also laser disks and sound tracks, etc....

Now, for the next department we wanted to explore the latest and greatest in video and audio technology. Let's face it, not only do I want to see the Death Star from Star Wars on a screen the size of a living room wall, but I want to hear my windows rattling at the sound of the first explosion...! Now that's home entertainment.

Okay, so far all this is great, but let's face it, haven't you ever said, ``I can do better than that.'' Well that's half the reason that we started the magazine. To eventually make our own movies, and to help you with making your own. So, we'll cover everything from video cameras and editing equipment, to building sets, and even to designing gore makeup. Our biggest goal, though, is how to do all this, and more, on the cheap. Trust me, we're on a real low budget... other video magazines tell you how to do stuff with $10,000 worth of equipment. We do the same thing for $9.95!

And, rounding it out, we'll be writing about using the latest in computer technology in making and editing movies, including animation, MIDI sound, and digital editing. Not to mention playing the latest in CD-ROMs and video games on a Real Big Screen!

Now the Best Part. 'Views Magazine is FREE! Yes, that way, if we don't make any money on it, we'll know exactly why. We decided to make delivery as simple as possible; You'll find it in Bookstores, Libraries, our house and anyplace else that will let us display them. Just pick one up!!

(Sorry, but if you want it Mailed to you, you'll have to send us $2 for postage and handling.)