Good-bye Video Hangout

by Jamie Horrell

Long ago in a galaxy far away someone came up with one of the most brilliant ideas known to man. An idea so ahead of its time it would literally revolutionize mans own evolution. A secret so profound that it could change your very existence... and what could this incredible all knowing secret be?? It's... It's... It's too long for me to go into here, so maybe I'll just tell you about the Video Hangout.

The Video Hangout? It was a place for everyone to come to watch their favorite videos on a huge massive giant screen, in full Dolby Surround Sound. I mean come on, you haven't lived until you've seen Pinky and the Brain on a ten foot wide screen.

But like all good things, it sometimes must come to an end. I had a chance to meet some really neat people that I probably wouldn't have meet otherwise, and got to share some of my most favorite movies. So was the Video Hangout a success?

... Most definitely.

So here we are, it's time to give the building back to the original owners, to thank them for all there kindness, and to name all of our children after them in gratitude. That, and just some general clean up, and to say goodbye to the place. Tear, Sigh, weep... (QUICK stop him! He's going for Pink Floyd's ``The Wall'' and some razor blades).

Wait, wait, wait, it's cool. We've had a couple of room mates move out of the house leaving the largest room in the house free. This room runs the full width of our house, and is just perfect for showing videos, and you all are invited. See the Club events for what days and times we'll be watching.

See there is a God, and Pinky and the Brain will rule the world, and What is the all knowing secret?? Eat your vegetables, get plenty of sleep, and floss daily.

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