Hey, there...

Now is the time for all good writers of the Castle to ask all good readers of the Castle to come to the aid of their CastleCon. Or some such thing. In short we need your help!

We know that many of you may have long-standing plans for September 1-4 weekend. Though we will miss you terribly, the show, er, the con must go on. And since so many of our regular workers and speakers will be off hunting the Loch Ness monster or making recycled paper-dolls out of Cheerios boxes, we need new people to step forward and take their places.

For those of you who can come, this means that unlimited possibilities stretch out before you. Where else can you start at the very top and work your way down?

Have you got a favorite topic that you'd like to share with other potential friends? You don't have to be an expert, just let us know you are interested and we'll put together a program with you as the star.

Or you could con-sider volunteering as a way to meet new folks and generally gain our deep undead, er, undying, appreciation. We try to make it easy to help out, please just come to the planning meeting on August 12th (at 2pm, at the House). Or if you can't make the meeting simply call us up at 301-292-5231 and tell us what you want to do!

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance. Thanks!

P.S. - If you have ever dreamed of being a merchant, this is your chance! Tables only $40 'til August 12, $50 after. Each table includes one membership.

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