SandCastleCon Survivor Notes

It was an overcast and breezy day. The sea was damp. Suddenly, a shovel rang out...and Bruce began his day at the beach, same as always, mounding dirt to be sculpted into a sand castle.

SandCastleCon, aside from being the bloody hardest word to type correctly, was a very quiet success. We had 15 people total (over the course of a week) in a huge apartment, with a big living room to hang out together when we felt like it, and the option to just be alone. The weather was quite nice - a bit cool for swimming most days, but it did not rain.

Bruce built sandcastles every day, all day. The first day's was a complex that spread out over a 50 by 30 foot plot of beach. The next ones were taller but didn't have as many suburbs. On the 4th of July some of us spent til 1am on the beach watching the tide take back the sandcastle.

Other people did other things that were beach-like. Some rode their bicycles in the morning up on the boardwalk, keeping score of how many pedestrians they ran over. We ate boardwalk food with lots of grease and pizza, watched an occassional video, and even talked to one another. We did some world-class shopping, including two sundial bracelets that actually told time accurately, many pounds of fudge, and place setting for 8 of fine Mikasa china!

Bruce just kept building those sandcastles...

And we had injuries, possibly a record amount for any FanTek event. Multiple folks with sunburns, one twisted ankle, one case of severe allergic reaction to sunburn soother (it was supposed to help!) and one case of severely burning the bottoms of one's feet. Amazing we survived at all! Meanwhile Bruce built more castles.

Then there was the incredible migrating inaccessable beach. Oh, we were only a half a block to the beach...only the access was blocked in different areas each day by bulldozers and other big equipment working on replacing the sand on the beach!!! They managed to land at the end of our block every day, just so we'd have to walk a different direction each time to get onto the beach. We appreciate their efforts and the sand, but their timing stank!

Anyway, we had fun, weather was beautiful, if cool, and we were glad we were there...maybe we'll do it again next year! Bruce wants to borrow one of their bulldozers next time.

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