Thank Yous

Thank you's to Bruce and Jamie and Cheryl, for writing, editing, and illustrating this Castle. Thank you to the Sardines for posing so co-operatively. Thank you to Pie, for cover art arriving later tonite. And thank you to those folding and stapling this issue (Wings, Steve Hall, The Lord Jim, Irv Koch, and Albedo, as well as Pie, Cheryl, Jamie, and Bruce), so we can mail it out. And to Albedo for putting the Castle Online on the FanTek BBS (which, again, this Castle on the Web is based on). And to Geoff Ransom for valuable Web-page-creation suggestions. And thanks to all of you for reading this.

Thank you, also, to the artists for generously permitting their work to be published in these World Wide Web pages. (If you would like to use any of the artwork in your own publication, etc., please contact the artists to discuss permission. They may be reached through FanTek.)


This space intentionally illustrated with Strange Sardines for your viewing entertainment. [Get your actual, physical, paper copy of the Castle today!] Thank you.

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