The FanTek BBS

[NEW!] telnet : : : : BBS # 301-203-9582

UPDATE! (February 1st, 1997) Okay, we still don't have that Cray supercomputer, but we do have the new, improved FanTek BBS up and running! Yes, it's a new computer, accessible from the Internet, and you can finally dial in at much faster than 2400 bps. And the menus look somewhat different. But it's still the same friendly place. Here you can make all the mistakes you want; none of the flamers will notice!

Remember when there were thousands of little BBS's and how friendly it all was? Tired of interfacing with millions of people on the Net? Come back Home and live life in the slow lane again! You too can leave messages for other FanTekians, find out about cons and other events (including the newest, CastleCon 10), or just chat.

New Users should telnet to, or if you don't have telnet access, dial in at (301) 203-9582. Follow the instructions, choose a login name, answer the questionnaire, and it'll tell you how to contact us for validation. (Read all about it!)

(Need a telnet program? TUCOWS has some good ones for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Macintosh.)

The Castle on the Web
(You're reading it now!)

Several back issues of The Castle (as well as this issue) are now available on the World Wide Web, complete with most of their art! Just point your web browser at the above address and poke around. Even includes some stuff that wasn't even in the paper version! (And we're updating it all the time!)

(Fear not, the pages are Lynx Friendly -- compatible with Text-Only browsers. There is NO "minimum" browser.)

(And no, Bruce and Cheryl still aren't on the Internet.... make that "weren't" until recently.
UPDATE! Hell has frozen over, the devil is ice-skating to work, and Bruce and Cheryl are on the Internet! You can email them at and

Also on the World Wide Web is Troma Productions, the people who brought you such classics as "Toxic Avenger" and "Sgt. Kabukiman." If you want to give them a visit, drop in and say hi, and tell them we sent you!

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