The Lord Jim

James Warren Milburn; CompuServe 74065,1044; GEnie Mail: J.MILBURN3; Internet:
I play the play-by-mail games Heroic Fantasy and StarWeb from Flying Buffalo, Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Computer Programmer, Training, Consulting; Degreed Accountant; Biologist. IBM PC XT / CGA / Epson / Hayes 2400 / AST cards. National Rifle Association Patron Member; Ham Radio WB5BYK; Electronics; SCUBA; Skydiving; Camping; Filksongs; Bird Feeding (crows love sardines); Battlefield Visiting; walking; cats; watching sunsets; Life ARRL & Mt. Vernon Repeater Member.
Do not feed me anything containing milk or milk products, I am lactose intolerant. I like Chinese: Fried Rice, Pepper Steak.
I moved to D.C. from Hollywood, CA and Houston, TX. Permanent home address: 1100 E. College; Batesville, Arkansas 72501-3545, USA; (501) 793-5336.
-----The Lord Jim