Dear Friends,

As per usual, we have been very busy. Not exactly sure doing what (or why always) but we'll try and fill you in on everything here in this issue of The Castle. Read it all, there'll be a quiz later...

First of all, we did CastleCon 9. Some of you were there and know exactly how much fun it really was, while the rest will just have to take our word for it. You missed a really great Pirate Pool Party, lots of fantastic Belly Dancing, the Computer Room with its Sparcstations sent by Sun, the wildest Costume Contest ever, the folks from Troma, and tonnes of other great fun stuff.

Then, after CastleCon, we spent a month being depressed. After all, who wants to go back to Normalcy? But now we have scraped ourselves off the floor and are busy playing with ideas for our very first HalloweenCon. We can tell you in advance that IF you miss this con, you will be missing something Really Incredible!

In the meantime, we had our barbecue grill die after many years of faithful service. And we will not be lending out my Cadillac again, as it was totalled in a very unfortunate accident. I am hoping to get our old VW Bug running again soon, as I am growing tired of being a pedestrian. Walking to Frederick takes a long, long time!

I finally got the Video Studio set up, not perfect yet, but almost working. We got one of the old Atari computers to use for making video titles, and a whole bunch of antique Commodore monitors to use so we can see what each video source looks like. Any of you who want to come over and play video sometime, please just give me a call!

The big Red Bus now has a new paint job. I got carried away and painted gold racing stripes on it. It looks Great, but it still won't go over 55 without complaining. Almost as slow as walking.

We are also in the middle of a complete re-doing of the House. Plans are for the complete moving of all furniture from everywhere to places as yet unspecified. Then we plan to make Cheryl's sewing room into another bedroom. After that we plan to build the House into a full-size Castle... Wish us luck, eh!

Anyhow, top priority on our current list of things to do is the laundry and writing this newsletter by Saturday. So I guess I will head downstairs and do the laundry. That way I can put off writing for at least 15 more minutes...

Your Friend,


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