Club Events

Greetings! Looking for something to do, people to hang out with? May we suggest that perhaps a FanTek Event might be just the thing? :)

You are invited to join us for any of these events. They are not fancy, but they are fun. If you feel like you don't fit in anywhere else, then you are probably one of us! Welcome!

Smoking section (Dragon Club meetings) outside.

We do ask for donations of snacks and sodas. If you can't bring anything, please bring yourself. (We are more interested in you than in your potato chips!...)

After EveCon...

Bad Movie Nights will be on the following Fridays: March 7, March 21, April 11, May 9, May 23, June 13, & July 11, at the House, starting at 8pm, We show videos on the 150 inch projection TV set with stereo sound; it's like a mini movie theater! What kind of videos? Oh, anything from A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell to Independence Day! Actually...
For the March 21st Bad Movie Night, I would like to run a bunch of old TV and video specials on the making of the Star Wars movies. And on May 23rd, I think we should watch Doctor Who. OK?

You bring sodas or snack foods; we supply the popcorn!

On Saturday, March 8, we will have a FanTek Field Trip to see the Exhibition of the Projects of the 40 Finalists of the Annual Westinghouse Science Talent Search. Yes, it's a world-class science fair, and these sound like our kind of people! It will be in the Great Hall of the National Academy of Sciences, on C Street NW, between 21st and 22nd Streets, in DC. We will carpool, leaving the House at 1 pm, or you can just come on your own. It goes 'til 4 pm. It is Free.

Afterwards, we will bring everyone back to the House and order some pizzas and talk about strange science stuff....

(Friday, March 21: another Bad Movie Night, featuring specials on the making of the Star Wars movies.)

The First Ever FanTek Bake-Off will be held on Saturday, March 22 at the House, starting at 2 pm. This will be a Nonjudgmentally Judged Event! Tasting goes 'til 4 pm, final judging will start then. Please label all entries carefully!

If you need to use the oven at the House, just give us a call beforehand. You can even do all your baking here in the morning, using our pans and stuff, as long as you wash dishes afterwards!

All sweet baked goods are eligible! Cookies, cakes, breads, muffins, pies -- we'll eat them all! All participants will receive a lovely Certificate and a Small Gift, and our undying appreciation....

Spectators and Tasters Welcome; please bring Milk and Sodas to go with the Baked Stuff!

The next FanTek Field Trip will be on Saturday, April 5. Our destination will be the Smithsonian Kite Festival on the Mall in Washington, DC near the Washington Monument. We will meet at the House at 11 am and coordinate rides into the city from there.

Note: If you plan to enter the contest, you will need to be there long before we will get there.

(Friday, April 11: another Bad Movie Night.)

A FanTek Get-Together will be held on Sunday, April 27, starting at 2 pm, at the House. A nice, standard FanTek Event, with people to talk to and listen to and just plain hang out with. Dinner will be served; please bring sodas or munchies to share.

(Friday, May 9: another Bad Movie Night.)

Lego Party on Saturday, May 17 at the House!! All of Bruce's Legos come out to play, and wild structures are built in violation of the laws of physics! We will start at 2 pm and hold it outside if it's nice. Dinner will be served; please bring sodas or munchies to share.

(Friday, May 23: another Bad Movie Night. Yes, there are two in May. For this one, let's watch Doctor Who.)

The next Castle Folding and Stapling Party will be Saturday, May 31, starting at about 2pm at the House. See Bruce run his printing press, meet the people that make The Castle possible, help fold and staple many, many copies! All are welcome, but be prepared to work! Dinner will be served; please bring sodas or munchies to share.

(Friday, June 13: another Bad Movie Night.)

(Friday, July 11: another Bad Movie Night.)

[NEW!] ... More Cons!

CastleCon 10 will take place July 25, 26, and 27, 1997, again at the Holiday Inn Holidome and Conference Center near the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick, Maryland. Let everyone Know! A Convention for People who love Rocketships, Dragons, Swordfighting, Kite-Flying, & Meeting Unusual New Friends!
Room rates are $79 for one bed, $89 for two beds (per night, plus tax).

Pre-registration is $20 until April 1st. (It's important!)

NEW FRIENDS SPECIAL! Friends who Pre-reg can also Pre-reg a New Friend, or several (people who've never been to a FanTek con), and each of you gets $5 off the regular price. So please, Bring a New Friend (or two or three) to CastleCon!!

(See the FanTek News for the latest information and more details!)

HalloweenCon Two will be near the end of October; location TBA (nearer to DC, we hope...).

A Celebration of Everything Halloween: Ghosts, Costumes, Haunted Houses, Scary Make-Up, Trick-or-Treating; and all the faces of Halloween: Samhain, Spiritualism, the Day of the Dead; and of course, H. P. Lovecraft and all of his Horrifying Creations; combined with a FanTek Convention full of old Friends!

Alert! - There will be a Bureau 13 live-action role-playing game at HalloweenCon! Read the fabulous books by Nick Pollota, or see the new movie MIB (Men In Black) for explanation or inspiration!

EveCon 15 will be on January 2, 3, and 4, 1998.; at the Holiday Inn Holidome and Conference Center, Frederick, Maryland.

Once Again, the First and Friendliest Convention of the New Year!

...and other stuff!

[NEW!] SandCastleWeek 3 -- one week this summer, in Ocean City, NJ. We rent a beach house, then invite everyone to come down and enjoy! Donations are taken for crash space. And Bruce really does build sandcastles all day, every day!


1607 Thomas Road
Friendly, Md. 20744

From Maryland take I-95 to Exit 3a in Md, or from Virginia, cross the Woodrow Wilson Bridge,
and take Exit 2, to Indian Head Highway South.
Go 3 miles, turn Left on Old Fort Road.
Go 2 miles on Old Fort Rd, turn Right on Thomas Rd.
We are #1607, look for bright signs and a long driveway!

If lost, our phone # is (301) 292-5231, call us!

(If you need them, we also have directions to the House from outer space.)

Metro pickup is sometimes available for events at the House. Give us a call about a week before the event and we'll try to arrange it. Or (for any event) you could get a ride with someone else who is going.

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