The Castle Folding Stapling and Mutilating Party

The CFSM begins around 2pm and finishes whenever. ``The Castle'' is a quarterly newsletter of the FanTek organization. It is filled with club updates, ads, events, martians, artwork, essays, and occasional fiction. When we print out this small newsletter, we have the aid of volunteers to help us collate the pages in the right order, fold them into a booklet, staple the binding, and then we send it off to the Post Office to mutilate it and raise their postage rates at whim.

During this party, we play music, discuss current (or out-of-date) topics, and generally make this as fun as humanly possible. You can meet other FanTek members, as well as FanTek BBS people!

After the work is done, a spaghetti dinner follows. We have alternate sauces for those of us with alternate diets, too (e.g. vegetarian). A $4 donation is appreciated to help defray costs, but if you are of a hungry belly and a meager pocket, talk to Bruce or Cheryl.

If you have any other questions, call The FanTek House at 301-292-5231 (10am-10pm).