EveCon 14 Programming and Stuff

Here's a preview of what we'll be doing during EveCon 14 (Jan. 3-5, 1997). (Watch this space for more details as soon as they're definite! And you might also ask, "What should I bring?" More on that below.) Anyway...

Hal Clement, Grand Old Master of "hard science" science fiction, will be there, with science talks and whatever else we come up with... :)

We will be inviting Troma Films, Miraj, Rashida, and whoever else comes to mind! Whether they say yes or not is up to them, and is largely dependent on their schedules. (John Norman regrets that he can't make it, as he will be in Antarctica. He promised to say hello to the penguins for us.)

Adrienne will be back with programming for writers, and aspiring writers. Good learning stuff.

There will be lots of stuff on how to do things. According to our people at last con, they love to learn new things!! And as long as they are willing to swap teaching what they know to learn other stuff, learn they will! So far they want bellydancing (no prob!), Scottish dancing (working on it), intro and advanced computer stuff (got it), beginning costuming sewing (got it), costuming stuffed animals (got it), working a video edit board (got it), and how to deal with ADD in yourself and others (definitely!).

There will also be talks on alternative religion, taking over the world, and personal relationships.

And, just to make sure we don't remain too serious, the first ever EveCon Spam Carving Competition!

Anything else anyone wants to learn or teach? Inquiring programming folk want to know!!!

Anyone else someone thinks should be doing something at con?? Nominate your friends! (NOTE: we do not offer pay, so please do not nominate Very Famous People who Demand Large Fees. No can do.)

Looking forward to more input,

(301) 292-5231 (10am-10pm Eastern time)

"What should I bring to EveCon, that I might not have thought of?"

Well, bring a drum and those dancing feet for the Friday Night Bellydancing Drums. And some writing for the Writers' Workshop on Saturday morning, for reading and honest critiquing. And your swimsuit, for the Pool and Jacuzzi!

Some Dark Poetry would be good, for the Saturday Night Dark Poetry Event. Please, nothing over a few minutes long. (We want the depths, not the snores.) Good subjects are death, darkness, depression, vampires, and nocturnal images of all kinds. The darker the better.

Nobody Expects the Spammish Competition! But if you wish to try your hand at Spam carving, please Bring Your Own Spam.

If you have any old fabric or costume bits or old clothes or costumes or craft stuff that would otherwise remain hidden in the attic before it gets thrown out... we can give it a good home at our fabric diving and costuming and crafts workshops!

Most important, don't forget your Desire to Have Fun! We can help you dig it out of the suitcase when you get there.

(Last updated 17 November 1996)